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Industrial Electrical Services in Our Shop or at Your Site

At GSM Industrial, “complete industrial electrical services” means you get to take advantage of our instrumentation technicians’ and electrical contractors’ full range of expertise—whether we’re fabricating in our shop or installing at your site.

See what our electrical team, including ISA-certified instrumentation technicians, have to offer you.

The Industrial Electrical Services Offered by GSM Industrial

The peace of mind in knowing that you won’t have to hire a separate electrical contractor to complete your machinery installation, OEM installation, or any other field installation project is priceless. But add to that the assurance that our certified electric services come with an entire range of expertise, and you can rest in knowing you’ve made the best choice.

Power and Controls Installation, Troubleshooting, and Repairs

Whether we’re installing newly fabricated equipment, relocating machinery during a plant shutdown, or scheduling any other type of field service, feel confident that our electrical team has the know-how to ensure that all electrical operations are streamlined and safe. No working environment is too complex or too custom, and this is just one more example of how we operate safely in even the most challenging situations.

And when you’re having equipment or machinery trouble—whether or not you know the problem is electrical—contact us for comprehensive electrical troubleshooting and repair service.

Process System and Machine Installations and Maintenance

At GSM Industrial, we think about system-wide operations as much as we think about the components of those systems—and electrical solutions play a huge role in making those process systems functional, efficient, reliable, and safe.

Be confident that your operation’s electrical design and components will operate effectively by contracting with GSM Industrial to install and maintain your machinery—from start to finish.

Control Panel Fabrication and Installation Services

Custom control panels that meet every one of your operation’s needs is another electric service offered by GSM Industrial. Our electrical engineers will design and build industrial electrical control panels so that your industrial operator can control your unique assembly of equipment and machinery.

Then, our field installation electrical specialists will install and wire those control panels to your exacting standards.

Instrumentation Calibration Services of Temperature, Pressure, and Flow Devices

The quality of your operation’s output is directly related to the accuracy of your instrumentation. Our ISA-Certified instrumentation technicians will detect inaccuracies in your instrumentation with a calibrator and bring detection back to the manufacturer’s standards. With regular and proper calibration of instruments, your equipment will output the highest quality products with optimum safety—and it will extend your equipment’s life.

Industrial Electrical Services Ala Carte or in Conjunction with Other Services

The electrical contractors at GSM Industrial provide industrial electrical services as part of all of the mechanical and metal fabrication projects we deliver. However, you may also wish to contract with our electrical team to provide only electrical solutions, even if we haven’t built or installed your equipment, machinery, control panel, or instrumentation.

For all types of onsite industrial electrical services, mechanical and fabrication needs—call on the field installation team at GSM Industrial. And for all metal fabrication projects, regardless of your location, call on the metal fab specialists at GSM Industrial. All types of projects have electrical requirements, and we have an in-house and in-field electrical team ready to take on all kinds of challenges. We’ve done it all, we’ll do it again, and we’ll get it done right.