DR Technology Venturi Scrubber System with Mist Eliminator Tower
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DR Technology Venturi Scrubber System with Mist Eliminator Tower
DR Technology Venturi Scrubber System with Mist Eliminator Tower

PROJECT: Venturi Scrubber System with Mist Eliminator Tower
PROJECT TYPE: Fabrication – Stainless Steel
CLIENT: DR Technology


DR Technology, Inc. of Freehold, New Jersey is an industry leader in the design of air pollution control systems. They needed a fabrication partner to create a Venturi Scrubber System with a mist eliminator tower that would collect mist droplets while allowing dried air to escape through the top of the stack.

DR Technology needed a company that could handle large, complex jobs on a tight schedule with changing details. As an industry leader, they needed a trusted partner who understood their needs and could deliver superior quality while remaining on time and on budget.

GSM Industrial’s core competence, project management processes, and value-driven work made us ideally suited to complete the project.


Any custom, heavily detailed and regulated project will face challenges during production. GSM Industrial’s experience meant we could anticipate and meet them head-on.

The project required specified stainless steel with accompanying Positive Material Identification (PMI) certifications and Material Test Reports (MTR). The total project was large: the stack needed to be 48 ft tall and 22” in diameter. The mist eliminator would be 19 ft tall, 4 ft in diameter. The total project would be 10,000 pounds. Most importantly, DR Technology needed the project to be completed within an 8-10 week window, even when the designs changed midway through the project.


Fortunately, GSM Industrial is experienced in meeting challenges and tight specifications. While the project was custom, it fell precisely within GSM’s capabilities. Though the project was large and needed full penetration welding in small diameter vessel openings, GSM’s experienced ASME- and AWS-certified welders made the precise welds required. Our project management team collaborated closely with the client, sending pictures and project updates periodically. We also kept meticulous records for the project for certifications.

Even when the project hit additional challenges, GSM Industrial was able to keep the project moving on-time. The mist eliminator tower needed a heat shield that wasn’t originally part of the design. GSM’s designer was able to create the necessary design changes and the fabrication team added it to the project.


This project needed to meet stringent certifications. While the system was designed for a low working pressure, it still needed to pass an air pressure test to ensure there were no leaks. Our in-house certified inspectors completed the tests, while our quality control processes enabled us to complete the PMI certifications proving the material used was the specified stainless steel. At the completion of the project, we created and documented the Material Test Reports.


GSM Industrial delivered a high-quality venturi scrubber, mist eliminator tower, and stack with accompanying documentation and certifications within the specified timeline, even in the face of design challenges. The final project is destined for Peru.

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