GSM Celebrates a Strong Working Relationship with Strongarm Designs, Inc.
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GSM Celebrates a Strong Working Relationship with Strongarm Designs, Inc.
GSM Celebrates a Strong Working Relationship with Strongarm Designs, Inc.

Walk into any manufacturing operation throughout the nation, and you’ll likely see many moving components with skilled labor force continuously producing products. Throughout the space, you will also see workstations with advanced computer technologies specific to the manufacturing process. But, these aren’t just any old workstations. They can’t be bought at Staples like a standup desk. For this, manufacturers rely on Strongarm Designs, Inc. to specifically engineer client’s custom operator interface needs. These systems are not only tailored to the clients’ production needs, but are also ergonomically designed and fabricated.

GSM Industrial has worked with Strongarm for more than a decade fabricating and welding several hundred stocked posts and pedestals to pair with their workstations. These posts have then been installed in hundreds of manufacturing facilities throughout the nation in various sectors including general manufacturing, military, transportation, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and more.

Due to the nature of their business, many of their partnered projects are needed within an expedited schedule to meet their customers’ expectations, resulting in a turnaround time of only a few days.

A typical order process with Strongarm may look like this:

  • Requests pricing for 4 posts on Monday
  • Purchase order from customer and order materials on Tuesday
  • GSM fabricates and welds posts on Wednesday
  • Posts ready to be shipped on Thursday

Because of GSM Industrial’s long working relationship with this customer, we have a firm understanding of Strongarm’s expectations for both quality and delivery. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’ve been perfect at meeting every expectation, every single time. Nobody hits home runs every time they step up to the plate. But, we’re proud of our track record. On the rare occasion that something needs to be corrected, GSM Industrial takes full ownership and rectifies the issue in a timely manner with all resources needed.

Could Strongarm find a cheaper metal fabricator to create these systems?  Likely.

Could this cheaper vendor meet all expectations for a project that they were awarded based on price only? Possibly.

Could this low bidder be able to sustain the customers’ expectations for over a decade?  Unlikely.

When touring our shop, your gaze may gravitate to a large structural steel job or a substantial section of ductwork. Your attention may overlook the 25 posts that are next to these jobs. Our company is fortunate to have long-standing business partnerships with Strongarm Designs, Inc., and other similar OEM companies. These business relationships have helped GSM Industrial grow just as much as the larger jobs that harness more attention. Both forms of business are extremely important to our nation’s manufacturing sectors.

Thank you to the team at Strongarm for entrusting GSM Industrial with your projects and business. We look forward to another decade of instrumental growth.

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