Huhtamaki Multiple Raised Roofs
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Huhtamaki Multiple Raised Roofs
Huhtamaki Multiple Raised Roofs

The customer purchased new equipment but did not have enough vertical space under roof to install it. Therefore, GSM was contracted to raise the roof in several locations. We started out with one area 24’ x 120’ that needed to be raised 8’, and another section 24’ x 48’ that needed to be raised 15’. This second area is unique in that it had to be built in removable sections so they could place new equipment in the future.

An engineer who works very closely with GSM designed and detailed both areas, and also worked with the township for permitting. We developed a plan to raise both roof areas without creating any down time for Huhtamaki. GSM Industrial then erected the new steel and installed the insulation, siding, and metal roof deck. GSM Roofing installed an EPDM roof and insulation. This was a complete design, fabricate, and install project.

More recently we built a 48’ x 48’ raised roof between the two original raised areas, and another 36’ x 144’ at a different location on the building.

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