Met-Pro Systems Thermal Oxidizer
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Met-Pro Systems Thermal Oxidizer
Met-Pro Systems Thermal Oxidizer

This project was a combined effort between GSM and Met-Pro to design, build, and install the oxidizer and system ductwork to service this ethanol production facility in York, Nebraska.

First, we determined the best location for the oxidizer, creating a clean shot for the system ductwork to run from various emission points back to the oxidizer. The project consists of the oxidizer, 10”–42” insulated ductwork, a large stack, supports, and access work, all of which was fabricated and painted at GSM, and shipped to the site on an “as-needed” basis perfectly orchestrated to maintain the project schedule. Our field crews were deployed at intervals of 3 weeks out, 1 week back to minimize mobilization costs. While on site they worked up to 12-hour days, 7 days a week. Cranes, man-lifts, and equipment where rented locally for cost-effectiveness.

No regular production hours were interrupted during this course of work. The project was a complete success for all involved.

“Looks very nice, we appreciate it. The quality is second to none. That’s exactly what we believe in here that anything we build we want to be second to none. Certainly the scrubber is a reflection of that. Thank you very much. It really makes our job a lot easier.”

Rod Chapman, Project Manager
Metpro – Duall Division

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