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GSM Industrial Team successfully fabricates and assembles hundreds of parts to create a Perlite Furnace System.

A repeat customer hired GSM Industrial to fabricate and assemble a massive perlite furnace system and then ship it to Mexico for installation.  The furnace system was composed of three Modules:  Furnace Module Frame, Collection Module Frame Bagging Module Frame.  Each module is comprised of hundreds of parts that GSM fabricated in our Lancaster County industrial shop.  Upon completion, GSM shipped the perlite furnace system to its final destination, a city in Mexico. 

The purpose of the Perlite Furnace System is to expand the perlite.  The furnace module preheats and then rapidly roasts the perlite (similar to popcorn kernels).  Once the perlite “pops”, it moves into the Collection Module where it starts to cool down.  Once cool, the perlite enters the Bagging Module.  Once bagged, the perlite is ready for shipping.

The Perlite System must have all three modules in order to make it a complete system. 

Perlite Furnace System

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Our Challenges:

As mentioned previously, each module of the furnace system is comprised of hundreds of parts.  It was challenging to coordinate the assembly of all parts the customer purchased and the parts fabricated by GSM in a timely and efficient manner.  In order to overcome this obstacle, GSM put our strong communication and planning skills to work.  The night shift leader and crew have the knowledge and ability to manage this large project through the shop. It made the most sense to have this project completed by our 2nd shift team.

In addition, the massive size of the Perlite Furnace System modules alone would have been nearly impossible to maneuver in your ordinary fabrication shop.

  • Furnace Module Approximately 8 ft. Sq. x 35 ft. lg. @ 22,000 lbs.
  • Collection Module Approximately 8 ft. Sq. x 45 ft. lg. @ 18,000 lbs.
  • Screen/Bagging Module Approximately 8 ft. Sq. x 20 ft. lg. @ 20,000 lbs.

GSM Industrial is equipped with overhead cranes that can withstand the weight of each of the modules.  Our team was able to move each module from the shop floor to the flatbed without any issues.

The Results!

Exceptional communication between the customer, project manager, and night shift crew leader as well as the overhead lifting capacity resulted in the successful completion of the Perlite Furnace System Modules.  GSM successfully completed the project on time and without any safety incidents.