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From custom welding to mechanical contracting. From industrial exhaust ductwork to heavy plate fabrication and structural steel. Our millwrighting and metal fabrication company is ready to work with you to achieve success—within budget, on time, and with exceptional quality.

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No job is too large or demanding for GSM Industrial. Whether you’re in search of heavy industrial metal fabrication and manufacturing—or field installation, service, or repairs—we have the metal fabrication and mechanical contracting capabilities necessary for your project to run smoothly.

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A Choice Industrial Contractor Who’s Invested in Your Success

At GSM Industrial, our expertise isn’t just measured in the high-quality metal fabrication we deliver; it’s measured in the combined years of dedication, passion, and professionalism our team brings to the table. With an average employee tenure of 13 years and 20% of our team proudly part of the “GSM Industrial 25-Year Club”, you’re not just entrusting your project to a fabrication shop – you’re partnering with seasoned professionals, each with an extensive history and deep understanding of our craft.

We’ve built our reputation on the cornerstone values of honesty, integrity, and a realistic approach to project management. At GSM Industrial, we’re not in the business of making quick sales or cutting corners for one-time orders. Our mission is to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring their needs are met with the utmost attention to quality and detail, each and every time.

One of our most striking features is our unparalleled flexibility and adaptability. As a single-source provider of design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance services, we handle a broad range of projects with skill and minimal oversight. We believe in being the solution our clients need, which means we have the capacity to adapt swiftly to ever-changing project variables.

With GSM Industrial, you’re not just choosing a service – you’re choosing a turnkey solution. You’re choosing a partner who can take your vision from concept to reality with a seamless process, making the most complex projects feel simple. That’s the GSM Industrial difference.

Welcome to the new standard in metal fabrication.

What We Do

When an equipment manufacturer, engineer, designer, building owner, maintenance manager, or business owner needs to outsource talent for large custom metal production projects, they contact us. We ship fabrication projects anywhere, our highly specialized technicians conduct field installations in NJ, DE, PA, and MD, and we’ll travel even farther for the right project.

Metal Fabrication

Air pollution control, ventilation, equipment vessels, piping, processing equipment, and unique contract manufacturing are just a few of our metal fabrication shop’s specialties.

Air Pollution Control & Ventilation

Industrial Ductwork

Field Installations

We cover PA, NJ, MD, DE and more with welding, electrical, millwrighting, rigging, plant maintenance expertise…machinery, piping, industrial ductwork, and OEM installations.

Machinery Installation

Industrial Welding

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The Millwrighting and Metal Fabrication Processes

Customers from across the United States contract with us to complete one-time, custom builds made from carbon steel or stainless steel. With the help of our overhead crane, sub arc welder, and other highly-specialized fabrication equipment, we will complete your project with the utmost attention to detail, to exacting standards that will satisfy every spec with precision.  

Capabilities like a designated stainless steel area, carbon steel blasting, stainless steel blasting, and our paint booth mean that we welcome even the most intricate and involved metal fabrication projects. 

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When you partner with GSM Industrial, you can expect to…


Submit your request for quote to us—whether it’s for large-diameter ductwork, conveyor, oxidizer, extractor, industrial furnace, vessel, or any type of metal fabrication.


A specialist will contact you to ask questions and learn about your project. You will work together to help move your project from the concept phase to completed.


An account manager will partner with you, provide a quote, and communicate throughout the entire fabrication, field installation, or maintenance process.

Let’s talk about how our metal fabrication and millwrighting shop can be your partner in success. Get in touch today!

Project Profiles

Our dirty, dangerous, and difficult projects showcase everything custom and specialized. No undertaking is too challenging for our expert fabricators and mechanical contractors.