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Our Industrial Equipment Design Takes You from Concept to Completion

GSM Industrial’s design services team has the skills and the capabilities to assist you in every phase of your industrial equipment design.

From equipment and machine design to detailing—and from drafting to CNC programming—we have the skills to execute any size job so you can achieve project success that exceeds all expectations.

Machine and Equipment Design Services Offered by GSM Industrial

Whether you know precisely what your project requires or need help in conceptualizing what the finished product will look like and how it will operate, our talented design team can help. Our complete line of services can take any job from concept to completion.

Design, Build, Install and Retrofit

Everything from brand-new projects to retrofit challenges falls under the list of specialties that the design team at GSM Industrial offers. Some of those considerations for brand-new equipment design include:

  • Clearances
  • Physical properties
  • Functionality
  • Safety
  • Ease of cleaning and inspection
  • Sanitation needs
  • Airflow
  • Innovation

Additionally, at the heart of retrofit projects, you’ll find:

  • Problem-solving
  • Process improvement
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Creative engineering
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After the design phase, your build will go to our industrial equipment fabricators, who will utilize their skills inside our fab shop or onsite to make that design a reality. Then our field installation professionals take control of the project with their specialty skills to bring the entire plan into complete operation.

Field Measurements for Project Development

Our designers don’t stay in the office. Instead, they’re on the job, taking measurements and evaluating the site to ensure that their design will meet every one of their customer’s needs. This hands-on involvement is critical to the success of every project because it provides accuracy from the start.

Job Site Visits and Collaboration

The GSM Industrial team is obsessed with customer service, and we demonstrate that in every step of the design, build, and installation process. Just because the industrial equipment design is complete doesn’t mean that our job is done.

The designer assigned to your project will communicate with you from start to finish in the design process, updating you on progress, sharing drawings, and answering questions. Then, when the project enters the build and installation phases, that designer will visit the job site to ensure that all is going as planned.

Preparation of Customer Drawings for Fabrication and Installation

Because the services offered by GSM Industrial are so flexible and almost always custom, we can provide everything from ala-carte services to complete design-to-installation services. Our designers will fully prepare drawings to submit to you as part of a larger project or a one-time service.

General Arrangement, Layout, and Detail Drawing Expertise

GSM Industrial’s designers aren’t only innovative; they’re practical. Their designs must be advanced, inventive, and suited to the task at hand.

They exhibit remarkable attention to detail because the more particular they are with their designs, the more smoothly (within timeframe and budget) the build and installation stages will go.

Our designers’ communication skills are vital to keeping you informed. Their IT skills provide them with the latest-and-greatest design tools. Their visualization abilities help them seamlessly take every project from concept to design—and then to build and install.

2D and 3D CAD Services

3D Computer Aided Design, or CAD, improves design speed by up to 45%, which significantly shortens the lead time on time-sensitive projects. This fluent design language also enriches communications between the designer, the builder, the installer, and the customer. Accuracy is enhanced, which translates to fewer delays and controlled costs.

2D CAD is quick, simple to edit, and is a faster alternative to paper design. We can fundamentally change layouts and add options with a few mouse clicks. The flexibility and speed of this method serve as noted advantages in more straightforward designs.

The Industrial Equipment Design Process

Do you have a preliminary equipment design? Or do you need machine design from scratch? At GSM Industrial, we will work closely with you to produce drawings that will meet your needs—and then communicate with you as our industrial equipment fabricators and field installation specialists deliver a turnkey project that meets or exceed every one of your expectations. Let’s talk about how we can help!