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Pollution Control Units that Protect People and the Environment

Protecting your business against hefty fines for environmental air pollution is a chief concern and a significant responsibility. And if an air pollution control unit is part of your general contract with a customer, you bear that same weight.

Having a reliable pollution control unit and superior air-quality ventilation means you’re taking care of what matters—and that’s a big deal.

GSM Industrial:  Helping You Meet and Exceed Air Pollution Standards

In all types of industries—including manufacturing, chemical processing, distribution—air pollution regulation has become impossible to bypass. Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA has the power to regulate the number of pollutants that can be emitted into the air and leverage fines and restrictions when necessary. That list of contaminants includes (but is not limited to) nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ground-level ozone, lead, sulfur dioxide, and airborne particulates.

At GSM Industrial, we know that putting safety first matters, whether in our metal fab shop, on your job site, or with ongoing pollution control. That’s why we’ve assembled a metal fabrication team filled with experts in exhaust air stream, high-efficiency filtration systems, and filter modules.

We can handle practically any aspect of your air-pollution control unit or air-quality ventilation system. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been designing, fabricating, and installing system components—and never fail to deliver superior quality at a great value.

Developing Cost-Effective Ventilation, Make-Up Air, and Exhaust Cleaning Systems

An optimum building climate starts with developing a cost-effective ventilation system with the appropriate number of air changes. We will take your air-quality ventilation system from design to fabrication and complete installation from make-up air units and industrial fans to no-loss stacks and ductwork.

Air Pollution Control

Let GSM Industrial be your partner in building your custom thermal oxidizer equipment. We’ll help you size, locate, and detail your ductwork. We’ll work closely with you to decide where to install your air pollution control unit(s) to ensure maximum cost savings.

Dust Collection

Sawdust, sand, food byproducts—at GSM Industrial, we have the expertise to design, fabricate, and install dust-collection systems to filter the filth out of your work environment, and to protect the health and well-being of your employees, customers, and visitors.

Fume Control

When your engineer or equipment rep recommends an air-pollution control unit for your facility, get in touch with us. We’ll work with the OEM to decide where to have the unit installed, how to best capture fumes at the source, and how to deliver them to the unit most efficiently.

GSM Industrial is Your Certified Partner in Air-Pollution Control

At GSM Industrial, we make our customers’ jobs easier and give them peace of mind that their pollution control units work well and keep them in regulation. We have all kinds of industries covered, from industrial product manufacturing to aggregate processing to wastewater treatment, and through our decades in business, we’ve seen nearly everything.

Stringent specifications, complex designs, dirty and dangerous jobs—none of it stands in the way of our team delivering high-quality end products that are guaranteed to meet your operational needs.

Every fabrication project deserves a consultative approach, which you can expect when working with us. Our engineers will perform mechanical design calculations to meet or exceed all applicable standards. Our eye is always on offering turnkey solutions that are value-driven, highly efficient, and effective beyond your expectations.

Experience the GSM Industrial difference for yourself.

Get in touch. Let’s talk about fabricating your air-quality ventilation and air pollution control unit today!