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Expert Rigging Services for Installations, Removals, and Relocations

Let GSM Industrial’s rigging services cover that next big equipment installation or machinery removal for you. Our expert riggers are 100% focused on safety.

From planning and coordination to logistics and implementation, our experience with moving, picking, and lifting leads to highly successful crane rigging projects.

GSM Industrial is a Rigging Company with Versatility and Flexibility

Installing or moving heavy equipment requires the right equipment and the highest level of know-how. Only then can the move be efficient, with safety as a top priority. Our rigging specialists will come out to your site to move a piece of equipment, or we’ll supply rigging services for any turnkey project that we build in our metal fabrication shop and finish at your site.

Because we specialize in everything dirty, dangerous, and difficult, we can facilitate even the most challenging moves with crane rigging. Let’s talk about your unique rigging job today!

The Importance of Expert Rigging Services

When you and your field services or mechanical contracting team plan the installation, removal, or relocation of large or heavy equipment, the rigging company you choose matters. At GSM Industrial, we have elected to include rigging services in our field installations not only because we know the equipment but because we’ll have rigging services we can trust—and so will you.

Our field installation technicians understand how to communicate with crane operators. We know how to strap, rig, and lift heavy equipment so that it—and all the people and property in the area—is protected. And when you’ve been doing this for as long as we have, you can bank on it being done right.

As you choose your field services company, consider their rigging experience. It matters and directly contributes to how smoothly your project will run.

Projects that Required Expert Rigging Services

When our field installations and machinery moves require expert rigging services, we only work with crane companies with superior service and safety records. Here are just a few of the jobs we’ve completed where rigging was integral to the success of the project:

Your upcoming project might require rigging similar to the rigging in one of these stories—or you might face rigging that promises to be challenging, unique, or custom in nature. Either way, we always welcome custom jobs that require creative thinking, with efficiency and safety at its core.

Let’s talk about your upcoming project, and the part rigging services will play in its success!

A Wide Range of Rigging Services by GSM Industrial

When we install items that we’ve fabricated in our Lancaster, PA shop, install other equipment at your facility, move existing equipment, or demo and remove old machinery, you can count on the rigging services offered by our rigging company. We understand crane rigging and know how to protect your property.

With our rigging services, moving any of these items is no problem:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Machinery
  • Large-diameter ductwork
  • Access and safety items
  • Structural steel
  • Aggregate processing equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Industrial exhaust components
  • Cooling towers
  • Pressure vessels and tanks

Let us prove to you just how safe and efficient our rigging service is. Get in touch, and we’ll talk about the unique ways we can partner with you to bring about success.