Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Storage Tanks
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Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Storage Tanks
Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Storage Tanks

PROJECT:  Storage Tanks
PROJECT TYPE: Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Storage Tanks
Project Location:   Towson, MD

From Design to Installation and everything in-between, the GSM Industrial team completes another challenging storage tank project.




From general arrangements to detailed fabrication drawings, GSM Industrial handled all aspects of the storage tanks’ design.


After the design was completed and approved, GSM Industrial had to move efficiently as the tanks were required for use before the cold-weather season, which was quickly approaching. Operating a 3-man crew GSM had the tanks prepared for final quality inspection within 4 weeks and finished within six short weeks. In the final quality check, GSM hydrostatically tested the vessel, performed dimensional checks and 100% visual inspection.  After passing the final quality check, we fabricated support saddles to safely transport the vessels and arranged shipment to the customer facility, all while preparing for the final stage, installation.


The final stage of the project required GSM Industrial to install the storage tanks.  This part of the project was extremely challenging.  To start there was a public safety concern, as the area around the install location was both a pedestrian walkway and employee parking lot.  GSM was required to deliver and stage the tanks before 7 a.m. to beat the morning rush.  This resulted in the need for our crew, forklifts, and the delivery truck to all be onsite 2 hours prior.  We had to coordinate with local security, facilities, and crewmembers to isolate the unloading and staging areas.

Both tanks were 5’ diameter x 20’ overall height, which had to be fit thru a 7’ x 12’ overhead door and immediately stand them up in the small and unforgiving 20’ x 20’ room with overhead limitations.  In addition to the challenge of the room being very small, we also had to maneuver the vessels around two (2) 30” diameter process pipes, and unreinforced floor trenches.



The installation process was an extremely difficult task given the relatively large size of the tanks compared to the space they were being installed. It was quickly determined that the tanks could not be installed using cranes or forklifts, due to space constraints.  To overcome this challenge, GSMI went out to the site and took detailed measurements of the room to include overhead obstructions and structural steel.  Utilizing AutoCAD, we determined the best method for the successful installation of the storage tanks.

On the day of the scheduled delivery, GSMI mobilized the crew to unload the tanks and install the overhead rigging.  This included the layout and installation of trapeze rigging to create a safe rigging point for the chain falls.  GSM Industrial reinforced the floor using a 5/8” thick steel plate over the trench openings.

GSM installed the rigging on the overhead door centerline, due to the complexity of the room, which was not the final centerline of the tanks.  Once the tanks were standing, each tank had to be shuffled 5’, using various leverage principles, to their final location.


GSM Industrial completed the design, fabrication, and installation of two storage tanks.  Our team worked together to overcome all obstacles.

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