About GSM Industrial
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About GSM Industrial

Welding Services at GSM Industrial

A History of Excellence

GSM Industrial’s heritage dates back to 1946, when Fred Gooding decided to pursue his dream of starting a roofing company. Bill Simpson soon joined the business venture. Fritz Mackes, a sheet metal mechanic, later joined the duo and the Gooding, Simpson & Mackes roofing company was born.

Jim Towers of GSM Industrial

Jim Towers

The company established a small sheet metal division that was managed by Fritz until his passing in 1974. Jim Towers became head of the division, which steadily grew over the years. In 1983, GSM Industrial became its own entity and continued to expand into non-roofing related custom metal fabrication.

Over three distinguished decades, GSM Industrial has emerged as the choice contractor for millwright industrial services, custom metal fabrication and machining. Our commitment to excellence, safety and service is as strong today as it was on day one.

Part of The Gooding Group

GSM Industrial and GSM Roofing make up The Gooding Group. GSM Industrial has been led by the Towers family for over 35 years and GSM Roofing has been led by the Gooding family for more than six decades. John Gooding and Jim Towers are brothers-in-law, and each has two sons who are part of their respective businesses.

The Gooding Group Foundation

Founded in 1988, The Gooding Group Foundation carries out the philanthropic efforts of the Gooding family. It supports non-profit organizations in South Central and South Eastern PA, northern MD, and DE. In addition to its charitable contributions, the Foundation also honors employees through a matching gift charity program and college scholarship program.