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An Industrial Ductwork Triple Threat, Working for You

A triple threat can mean many things, but in the industrial ductwork world, it means a company that designs, fabricates, and installs duct systems without utilizing outside contractors. All work stays in-house, from start to finish.

The benefits of using a triple threat industrial ductwork contractor are numerous, and you can start experiencing them the moment you contact us for a quote.

The Benefits of Working with GSM for Industrial Ductwork Installation

Whether you contract with GSM Industrial to design, fabricate, and conduct field installation of industrial ductwork or you only have us install your industrial ventilation ducting, you can be sure that you’ll experience:

One Point of Contact

Communication is always crucial, but its importance becomes even more evident when you have one point of contact throughout the entire industrial ductwork installation process. We will keep communications with you streamlined and straightforward. We’ll pick up the phone without phone tag or finger-pointing between companies.

Experience in Every Stage

If we complete everything from design to installation, our specialists will work closely together—like they do every day on all types of projects. This system has proven far better than working with three different companies. It streamlines the process and speeds things along for the good of your bottom line.

Change Orders Made Easy

When installing the ductwork we design and fabricate, there are naturally fewer change orders, which keeps costs low and projects on schedule. If changes come up along the way, those changes are far more manageable when everyone working on the project is under one roof. It’s the ideal combination of efficiency and convenience. 


When industrial ductwork projects that start in our shop end with us on your job site, we can keep costs low. Design changes are simple, and fabrication is quicker when the designer is in-house. It will arrive at your site with minimum logistical headaches, and the same company that designed and fabricated it will install it.

Unparalleled Quality

When one reputable company handles field installation of your industrial ductwork, you can rest assured that we have applied the same high standards from beginning to end. You won’t have to worry about one vendor holding up the process or being subpar compared to the rest. You can maintain your high expectations.

Do You Only Install Industrial Ductwork that You Build? No!

The field installation crew of GSM Industrial generally travels approximately two hours from Lancaster, PA. That covers much of the Mid-Atlantic region, including large parts of PA, MD, DE, and NJ. However, we will travel farther for the right project.

And those field installations do not have to involve industrial ducts that we’ve built. Whether it’s a relocation, retrofit, new installation—we’ve got it covered with installation expertise that spans all types of unique and challenging situations.

Of course, it’s ideal if we have designed and fabricated your industrial ductwork; but if we haven’t, we’re more than happy to work closely with your metal fabricator to get the job done right.

A Dirty, Dangerous, and Difficult Ductwork Installation with a Helicopter

When a plant was closed and its ductwork transported to a location in Southeast PA, GSM Industrial was there to reinstall the industrial ducts for a solvent recovery system. What made the project somewhat unique was the distance from the ground to the center of the roof, and what made our solution memorable was using a helicopter to pick and set the industrial ducting in place.

We fabricated various structural steel supports and spool pieces and made several custom industrial ductwork modifications for this project. This challenging job is just one example of how we equip ourselves to handle even the most unusual industrial duct system field installations.

GSM Industrial, for Superior Ductwork Field Installation

When you work with us, your job site is ours. We take great care with the safety and well-being of our employees and yours and know that your success heavily relies on the quality of work we deliver, the timeframe we complete it in, and our ability to keep costs low.

Take the first step toward peace of mind for your upcoming industrial ductwork project. Get in touch with us today to talk about field installation.