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Our ASME Certifications Keep You Safe and in Compliance

ASME certification is just one of the certifications that GSM Industrial brings to our metal fabrication facility in Lancaster, PA, and job sites in the surrounding PA, MD, NJ, and DE areas.

ASME certifications help ensure that your mechanical contractor or metal fabricator will complete your project as safely as possible, with the highest quality results. Started as a way to decrease accidents in industrial settings, ASME certification puts forth several standards and codes to ensure that vessels and piping can withstand operational pressure while storing and transferring hazardous substances.

More About our ASME Certifications

At the dawn of the industrial age, a group of prominent industrialists and innovators gathered in New York City to discuss how designers, engineers, and machinists could better collaborate on subjects like safety, design, reliability, and production. The year was 1880, and they named the assembly ASME, or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Today, we fully utilize our ASME membership to access guidelines in designing, constructing, and welding mechanical and industrial components that hold explosive or otherwise potentially dangerous materials under pressure.

Our ASME Code-Certified Shop

GSM Industrial has been designing and fabricating pressure vessels and tanks that meet ASME standards for four decades. And since December 2012, we can officially stamp the ASME Certification “U” Mark and National Board “R” Stamp on products if our customers require or request it. These stamps assure the completion of design, fabrication, testing, and examination controls, using procedures by qualified, certified personnel.

GSM Industrial can also register code-certified Manufacturer’s Data Reports with the National Board, as many jurisdictions require.


ASME “U” Mark for Pressure Vessel Certification

When you see this mark on a product fabricated by GSM Industrial, you’ll know that we’ve completed our design, fabrication, testing, examination, and documentation for that pressure vessel and/or its parts in strict accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, ASME Section VIII (8) and IX (9) Division 1, U & R Stamp.


ASME Certification National Board “R” Stamp

The National Board “R” Stamp indicates that GSM Industrial has the ability to repair and/or alter pressure-retaining items constructed in accordance with the ASME Section VIII (8) and IX (9) Division 1, U & R Stamp or other original codes of construction in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC).

More Certifications Held by GSM Industrial

As crucial as ASME certification is to safety and reliability, it’s only one of the critical certifications held by our fabrication and installation specialists.


GSM Industrial has an in-house American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector, we’re certified for D1.1 and D1.6, and we qualify for various types of materials and welding processes.


GSM Industrial is a member of the American Institute of Steel Construction


We conduct annual training for Mine Safety and Health Administration Part 46 and Part 48.


We are compliant with Canadian Welding Bureau Standards.


GSM Industrial has an on-staff Occupational Safety and Health Administration outreach trainer.


We are members of the PICS Consortium, a contractor pre-qualification company.

State Licenses

GSM Industrial is fully licensed in PA, DE, MD, NJ, WV, and VA.

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GSM Industrial:  A Skilled and Certified Partner with ASME Certification and More

That commitment to excellence has helped us achieve a long list of industry-recognized pressure-vessel certifications, welding certifications, and safety organization memberships. For you, that means you’re getting only the highest quality, soundest, and most reliable products.

Contact us to see how our metal fabrication shop and field installation service are demonstrating that steadfast commitment to excellence every day. We can talk about ASME certifications, OSHA compliance, pressure vessel certifications…or anything else related to the success and safety of your next fabrication, installation, or maintenance project.