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Experience at Every Stage of Industrial Ductwork Fabrication

Are you looking to replace a worn-out industrial ductwork elbow? Or do you need entirely new industrial ductwork fabrication? Either way, GSM Industrial is ready and willing to be your partner for the job.

Our intense focus on the highest quality duct fabrication and environmentally friendly finishing means our industrial ductwork will last the longest, even in extreme weather conditions.

Industrial Ductwork: One More Product of our Metal Fabrication Shop

At GSM Industrial, we understand how critical it is for supply chain manufacturers to stay operational. We’ve gone the extra mile—and will continue to do so—to ensure that we directly contribute to maintaining adequate production levels. We will do that by supplying industrial ducts and other quality products like air pollution control and equipment vessels with speed and quality.

A Critical Industrial Ductwork Fabrication Project

One such project was completed for Constantia Flexibles, a manufacturer supplying plastic-film products to hygiene, foods, and pharmaceutical industries. Their plastic is used in hundreds of products, including snack bags, cleaning wipes, meat packages, condiment containers, etc.

Their processes emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) was required to remediate those compounds. To accommodate an upcoming expansion at their South Carolina factory, we were contracted for industrial ductwork fabrication as part of the additional RTO installation, under an original project purchase by Durr/Meted.

The project was time-sensitive and had to be quality-controlled, meaning there was no room for wasting time or resources. We knew from the beginning that without the work of our metal fabricators, essential operations would be negatively affected, which would limit the supply of critical products.

To complete the duct fabrication for this project, GSM Industrial purchased heavy metal from Phoenix Metals, a division of Reliance Steel, which sources from Nucur and other mills.

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We completed this project on time and within budget, proving that the supply chain relies heavily on metal fabricators who design, build, and install ductwork and other ventilation components.

The Shop Where Metal Fabricators Work Their Ductwork Magic

Our facility in Lancaster, PA, is fully equipped to fabricate all sizes of industrial ductwork. Our industrial ductwork fabrication experience runs deep—from straight duct, transitions, elbows, and unique fittings made from stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel in diameters ranging from 6” to 16’.

We will install industrial ductwork onsite or ship the finished product to your job if you’re outside our service area.

Inside our metal fab shop, you will find a large 110,000 ft² floorplan equipped for speed, efficiency, and overall excellence. Industrial ductwork fabrication is no match for the metal fabricators who work there, expertly completing tasks like welding (TIG, MIG, and stick), angle and plate rolling, shearing and punching, CNC plasma cutting, industrial ductwork assembly, and more.

We can describe the metal fabricator team that works inside our facility as trained, certified, and obsessed with quality. Every industrial ductwork fabrication that comes out of our shop is evidence of these qualities. We are proud to share these capabilities with you for the success of your ductwork-related job.

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