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Be Part of the GSM Industrial Team:  Metal Fabrication Jobs and More!

At GSM Industrial, we’re all about our people. Metal fabrication jobs are just one of our team members’ many positions, and we invite you to see what’s open now.

We are a family-owned and -operated company that cares about its employees as much as we do our customers. Many of our team members have been with us for decades because we have a stellar reputation in the industry, offer excellent wages, provide generous benefits, and give employees plenty of growth potential.

What’s Happening at GSM Industrial

We have a buzzing metal fabrication facility, where you’ll find technicians building things like:

And that’s just a sampling of the exciting metal fabrication jobs you might encounter when working at GSM Industrial. Specialists complete welding projects and operate overhead cranes and a robotic welder. They fabricate stainless steel and carbon steel projects and operate the blast-and-paint operation.

Additionally, we have field technicians who travel no farther than two hours from our Lancaster, PA facility. They complete projects like:

Even if you don’t have experience working in field installation, mechanical contracting, millwrighting, or metal fabrication jobs, consider working with us. We invite anyone with mechanical ability, a strong work ethic, reliable transportation, and an excellent attendance record to apply for employment with GSM Industrial today.

The Exceptional People at GSM Industrial

Our metal fab shop has experienced remarkable success due, in large part, to our people. They are our most valuable assets, and we take their safety very seriously.

Take a moment to meet some of the exceptional people who work at GSM Industrial:

The exceptional people at GSM Industrial offer complete, onsite, industrial mechanical services and are not afraid to take on dirty, dangerous, or difficult jobs. The people on our team are problem solvers at every stage, starting with our engineering services.

We design, build, install, and maintain, but that’s not what makes us different. What sets us apart is our extreme dedication, expert field crews with impeccable safety records, and the best equipment available. We use all those things to deliver unparalleled productivity, service, and value to every customer.

If you are interested in joining our team of exceptional people creating amazing results, check out our open positions and apply today.

Accountability, measurements, and proven outcomes—at GSM Industrial, that’s what we do together. We always do what’s right for our team and our customers. That’s who we are, and we invite you to see if that’s who you want to be as well.

Metal Fabrication Jobs, Millwright Jobs, and Much More

From engineering and metal fabrication jobs to welding and field installations, we have a wide range of lifetime employment opportunities available at GSM Industrial. Each position has room for growth and learning and highly competitive compensation packages.

Is this a career for you? Find out by contacting us with questions or applying today!