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Trust GSM Industrial for Your OEM Installations

Original Equipment Manufacturers often turn to GSM Industrial to install the equipment they have produced. And in many cases, the end-user will have input about who will complete that OEM installation.

Which mechanical contractor will you choose to install the OEM quality products you have manufactured or purchased? The performance of that equipment will rely heavily on that decision.

GSM Industrial’s History with OEM Installations

Our field installation team and mechanical contractors will commonly travel within two hours of Lancaster, PA (much of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) to perform many different OEM installations. We have been performing a wide variety of onsite services, including OEM installations, since 1983—and our Gooding, Simpson & Mackes roots go back to 1946.

We have the industry experience and roots to ensure your installation runs smoothly from start to finish and that it’s completed on time and within budget.

You design it.

You build it—or we’ll build it in our metal fabrication shop.

We’ll install it onsite.

You choose the OEM installation package that works best for you—and we’ll be your partner in excellence from shipping to operation.

For OEMs:

Will GSM Industrial Receive Your Invitation to Bid?

As an OEM, it’s critical that the installation of the equipment you’ve manufactured goes smoothly and that it performs as your customer expects it to perform. Your manufacturing operation’s reputation is on the line, after all. 

At GSM Industrial, we understand that quality workmanship will reflect well on you if the installation goes well. All aspects of the installation—from its appearance to its performance—will be attributed to your business. We know that we represent you in all manners, from how we interact with your customer, our safety practices, and the cleanliness of our work habits. We don’t take these responsibilities lightly, and we know that our reputation as an OEM installer relies upon our performance in the field.

Let’s have a conversation about our experience with OEM installations or the location of your upcoming job. Let us answer your questions about certifications, our safety record, rigging services, or machinery installation, erection, and relocation. An OEM installation specialist is waiting to talk to you.

For End-Users:

You Know Where You’re Buying Equipment—Now Who Will Install It?

Suppose you’re an end-user of ventilation or processing equipment, piping, a material handling system, or other industrial equipment or machinery. In that case, you already know you can choose from whom you’ll purchase that equipment. But did you know that you can also select who installs it in many cases?

OEMs, or Original Equipment Manufacturers, often contract with field installation crews—but not always.

First, determine if the equipment manufacturer supplies installation services. If not, get in touch with us today, and we’ll quote your field installation. Or click below to book that installation now.

Genuine Parts Deserve Superior OEM Installation

As an OEM, you supply people with genuine parts and equipment. But that’s not all. You also give them peace of mind knowing they’re getting the best products available—no substitutions.

Don’t put your superior reputation at risk by hiring an OEM installer that’s anything less than exceptional. Hire the one who has extensive experience with industrial ductwork, industrial piping, welding, millwrighting, and much more.

Contact us today to discuss the difference a superior OEM Installation company can make.