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Meticulous Millwright Work You Can Count On

When you need the installation and maintenance of your machinery and equipment done right, the first time and every time, you can rely on the millwright work of the professionals at GSM Industrial.

We understand that millwright projects require precision, attention to detail, and safe work practices—so you can carry out all your operations with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

What the Millwrights at GSM Industrial do for You

GSM Industrial has the industrial mechanics and millwright capabilities to do it all, from A to Z, when a piece of industrial machinery needs to be installed, or machinery in factories needs to be maintained.

Millwright installs go along with machinery installation, erection, and relocation, but add the bonus of maintenance for the installed machinery and equipment.

To flawlessly install and maintain the heavy, complex equipment in your operation, a millwright must possess a wide range of skills:

  • Industrial machinery operation
  • Mechanical repair
  • Equipment assembly
  • Heavy lifting
  • Heavy equipment operation
  • Design and operation manual comprehension
  • Proper machinery operation
  • Safety compliance
  • Speed in assembly and repair
  • Attention to detail
  • Efficient troubleshooting
  • Identification of potential maintenance issues

In short, millwright work involves ensuring that every machine and piece of equipment in a process system is functioning correctly, so that your production experiences little or no downtime.

You can draw this advantage from working with the millwrights at GSM Industrial.

A GSM Industrial Project Requiring Millwright Work

Many of the field installation projects we complete involve millwright work. Every project is unique, but a look at one job will give you a glimpse into what you can expect when you hire us for your next industrial machinery project:

A Custom Soybean Oil Extractor Project Poses Challenges, Ends Successfully

When an agribusiness in Bainbridge, PA, asked GSM Industrial to complete millwright work (including parts installation and modification) for a soybean oil extractor, we quickly learned that no one had measured or modified the extractor for three-and-a-half years. This meant we only had estimates to go on and knew we’d be working in a confined space.

These challenges were nothing we hadn’t seen before, so our industrial mechanics went right to work. This millwright project included:

  • Inspection of the lower bearing
  • Adjustment of the lower bearing for proper seating and elimination of leaks
  • Fine-tuning of the gear mesh and rotating mechanisms
  • Replacement and relocation of vent piping
  • Freeing of 16 stuck safety rollers
  • Adjustment of sweeper heights
  • Installation of custom shims, miscella diverters, and SS diverter screens
  • Lifting of 107,000-pound extractor basket and adjustment of its set-up

All-in-all, the job was completed in just eight days and included 692 worker hours. Our millwrights, shop project managers, field project management team, and field installation crews worked together (and with the customer) to get the job right, without leaks, and ahead of schedule.

This is just one example where heavy millwrighting was required on a large piece of complex equipment. The changing scope of work and the numerous challenges we encountered made the job demanding—but that’s something the GSM Industrial team welcomes regularly.

The Importance of the Right Millwright

When you hire a millwright to complete millwright work, the individual must have comprehensive knowledge about how machinery functions and a thorough understanding of how your machinery and equipment contribute to the overall success of your operation.

Whether it’s installation or maintenance of that equipment, you’ll need someone you can count on to pay attention to detail, so you can rest assured that you’ll be up and running when they’re finished. This expertise reduces or eliminates downtime and keeps your processes running well for maximum profit potential.

Let’s talk today about how millwright work, when completed by verified professionals, can make all the difference in how efficiently your shop runs.