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Industrial Welding Services to Meet the Most Exacting Standards

For more than 40 years, GSM Industrial has employed highly experienced industrial welding technicians who deliver nothing less than superior-quality work for our industrial welding company.

What that means for you is turnkey solutions that we’ll handle from start to finish; tanks, vessels, and piping that are certified and safe; and welds that will withstand the demands of rigorous industrial environments. When you need an industrial welding company with experience and expertise, we are your best choice.

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For Superior Results, Hire Only Industrial Welding Specialists

The demand for precision and expertise in welding services has never been greater. Companies seeking industrial welding solutions understand the critical role that skilled welders play in ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of their equipment and infrastructure. Industrial welding specialists bring technical proficiency, a keen eye for detail, and a commitment to excellence that sets them apart in a crowded marketplace.

Our field-services crews perform precision industrial welding work on a wide variety of equipment and applications, including field welding and custom welding for projects like air pollution control and ventilation systems, cyclones, industrial ductwork, RTOs (regenerative thermal oxidizers), large diameter pipes, classifiers, ASME tanks and vessels, and so much more.

Whether you need an experienced welder to complete a project at your site or to be part of a turnkey, full-service project that begins in our metal fabrication shop, turn to GSM Industrial—where our welders are tested, qualified, and certified.

Field Welding Projects Completed by GSM Industrial

The welding projects completed by our industrial welding contractors are subject to stringent tests—and we have an excellent track record for maintaining certifications and passing those all-important tests.

Here are just a few examples of some projects that required our field welding services:

Are you ready to schedule your field, custom, or industrial welding project? Whether strictly welding or welding as part of a larger design, build, installation, or move, we’ve covered your industrial welding services from start to finish. Let GSM Industrial be the partner you choose for quality, certified industrial welding.

Peace of Mind with Certified Industrial Welding

When you hire an industrial welding service, you should feel assured that all is well. GSM Industrial’s certifications mean that you can do just that. When you have peace of mind, knowing that we have top-notch experience and training, then you’ll know you have a superior partner in your project’s success.

Our welders are routinely tested, re-certified, and trained to meet your exacting specifications. We are qualified and certified in the following:

  • AWS
  • ASME (Section IX & VIII, Div. 1)

Our expert metal fabrication shop operations team includes Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) who perform and evaluate nondestructive testing (NDT) methods, including the following:

  • Dye Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) & Phased Array
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)

GSM has developed strong partnerships with third-party inspection and testing agencies to perform these necessary services.

Our Industrial Welding Techniques and Metals

GSM Industrial has developed and continues to develop carbon and stainless steel welding procedures for applications including large diameter pipe, tube, heavy plate, structural steel, and many similar weldments to meet and exceed your specifications.

GSM has made investments in the technology and team to create accurate welds through manual, semi-automatic, mechanized, and automated welding processes such as those listed below:

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Oxy-Fuel Welding (OFW)
  • Capacitor Discharge (CD) Stud Welding

GSM Industrial works with a variety of metals and ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Some examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All grades of carbon steel
  • 300 series stainless alloys
  • Inconel
  • Monel
  • Hastelloy
  • ALX6N
  • High-Nickel Alloys
  • Chromium Alloys
  • Aluminum

Schedule Field-Service Industrial Welding Today

GSM Industrial’s expert, AWS-certified and ASME-qualified welders provide industrial welding services for a broad range of project types both in the shop and in the field. Our advanced welding technology and generations of experience enable us to deliver turnkey solutions, whether making repairs, fabricating ASME vessels, or maintaining existing structures and equipment.

Our field welding services range from structural and safety to equipment and machinery maintenance. With experience comes the knowledge necessary to make complicated welds in extreme conditions and make welding safety a priority in any environment.

Get in touch with us to discuss industrial welding services, custom welding, or your field welding projects today!