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ASME Pressure Vessel Project Showcases GSM’s Turnkey Abilities

At GSM Industrial, we have the ASME certifications necessary for building and installing ASME-certified pressure vessels and tanks. These certifications ensure that your job site is in compliance and that everyone involved stays safe.

This project profile involves a vessel that we built to meet ASME’s Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), Section VIII Division 1 standards. As you review this project profile, know that we will bring the same level of attention to detail and safety procedures to your project as we did to this one.

An ASME Pressure Vessel Project with Remarkable Results

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When a Pennsburg, PA, company contacted us and asked us to build a vessel to ASME’s Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code’s (BPVC) Section VIII Division 1 standards, the team at GSM Industrial was pleased to take on what we knew would be a challenging pressure vessel project.

Our customer would use the ASME-certified pressure vessel to combine industrial chemicals that create a temperature-elevating reaction during the mixing process. To allow for this, we had to fabricate a dimple jacket to stabilize, or cool, the chemicals during the mixing phase.

Our engineers would design the tank for use at atmospheric pressure. Still, the jacket had to be pressurized to equally distribute coolant, which would keep the raw product at a constant temperature. This would require a “U” stamp and registration with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. This “U” stamp signifies that design, build, testing, inspection, and documentation have been completed in strict accord with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, ASME Section VIII (8) and IX (9) Division 1, U & R Stamp.

As we expected initially, we encountered several challenges throughout the project. However, the most significant hurdle, by far, was welding more than 5,400 plug welds—and doing so with minimum potential for leaks. Considering the required completion date for this ASME pressure-vessel project, leaks would mean additional time and labor, which our fabrication team simply couldn’t afford.

We discovered only three leaks (.05%). They were repaired with strict adherence to ASME standards during our rigorous testing and quality control process, which resulted in minimal delays. The attention to detail exercised by our welding professionals meant that the project was delivered on time, and our customer saved money.

This ASME pressure vessel project was a success for several reasons. First, all tasks were completed safely, meaning that everyone involved was injury- and accident-free. Second, our customer was thrilled with the results, timely delivery, and cost savings. Third, GSM Industrial proved once again that even when the job is challenging, subject to strict ASME standards, and on a tight timeline, we can realize success for the customers who rely on us.

Why Trust GSM Industrial with Your Pressure Vessel Project?

GSM Industrial is an ASME-certified fabrication shop that takes safety, quality, and service very seriously. This custom, ASME-certified vessel fabrication project employed every aspect of our turnkey abilities in design, fabrication, quality control, testing, mechanical assembly, and delivery.

Our teams’ thorough planning, experience, technical skills, and dedication to quality work allowed us to produce exceptional results and deliver them on time and within budget.

Won’t you allow us to do the same for your pressure vessel project? Get in touch with us to talk about the details today.