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At GSM Industrial, Metal Fabrication Safety is a Top Priority

The metal fabrication industry includes lots of dirty, dangerous, and difficult work, making metal fabrication safety practices critical. We see all types of inherent risks in our metal fabrication shop, but we also work hard to make sure those risks don’t result in accidents.

Not only does a safe environment protect our most valuable assets, our team members, but it also helps to ensure that we deliver your project on time and within budget.

How we’re Meeting and Exceeding Metal Fabrication Industry Safety Standards

At GSM Industrial, we don’t settle for good enough. We strive to meet and exceed expectations in every area—and safety is no exception. Here are just a few ways we’re proving, every day, that metal fabrication safety is a top priority:

Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is 0.956, which is below the industry standard of 1.

Our Tool Recordable Incidence Rate (TRIR) is 4.8, which is below the metal fabrication industry average of 6 and standard of 5.

In 2019 and 2021, we received the Safety Award of Merit from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International. This award recognized our outstanding commitment and ability to keep team members and job sites safe.

Safety Training for the GSM Industrial Team

team members sitting in training class with jim

While our highly experienced team contributes to our safety success, GSM Industrial also employs a full-time Safety Manager, Michael Beakes, to proactively address safety concerns. Michael has been the Safety Manager since October 2021, and he has worked in the safety industry for more than 10 years. He has his B.S degree in Occupational Health and Safety, holds credentials as an MSHA Trainer, OSHA Authorized Construction Trainer, and is an OSHA 30 Hour card holder.

But for Michael, safety is more than degrees and certifications – it’s about creating a safety mindset that carries through every aspect of life.

“I spent 23 years in the Army as a Combat Engineer and Paratrooper. The biggest thing you learn as a Jumpmaster is attention to detail saves lives. You ensure the smallest details are accounted for in your safety program because that is where injury and death lurk.”

Our Safety Manager, Michael Beakes

Our operation employs a full-time Safety Manager, Michael Beakes, who leads our OSHA construction safety courses, First Aid / CPR classes, fall-protection and personal-protective-equipment education, and much more.

Michael Beakes, Safety Director

According to Michael, the best safety program involves being your brothers/sisters keeper. When employees are continuously looking out for each other’s safety and having respectful conversations when they feel another employee is in an unsafe situation the company safety culture is right.

Our Safety Culture and How it Prevents Injuries

fire extinguishers lined up for employees

Safety is important to the GSM team and our customers. That’s why we start talking about safety on an employee’s first day on the job. Every new employee receives a fire extinguisher for their personal use. It serves as a reminder to think about safety at all times – on and off of the job site.

At GSM Industrial, metal fabrication safety isn’t an afterthought or something we only do to stay in compliance with OSHA regulations or adhere to the metal fabrication industry’s minimum standards. Instead, it’s something that matters to us because we feel responsible for the well-being of our employees and customers.

Metal fabrication safety can be challenging because risks are present every day with every project. We work hard to identify those risks with proper training and educate our employees to increase awareness. Then, they can employ methods that will reduce risks and help them look out for their fellow team members.

That’s the culture at GSM Industries, and we have built it into all of our projects.