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Choose the Best Air Pollution Control System and Filtration Solutions

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Air pollution is one of the major environmental concerns of our time, and it can significantly impact the health and well-being of humans and global ecosystems. Air pollution control systems are designed to minimize or eliminate the release of harmful pollutants into the air, ensuring cleaner and safer air for everyone. These systems can take many forms, from simple filters to more complex technologies. That’s where we can help.

Meet Air Pollution Control Requirements with Our Help

Air pollution control has become necessary for companies across all industries, from manufacturing to chemical processing and distribution. The Clean Air Act empowers the EPA to regulate the number and types of pollutants that can be released into the air, with enforcement actions that can include fines and restrictions. We can partner with you to help your company or your client avoid these penalties. From assisting with the design, to fabricating key components, to ultimately installing pollution control systems, like these:

Air Pollution Control
Equipment Design

Air pollution control equipment is essential for combatting the modern air pollution issue. Proper equipment design ensures that pollutants are effectively removed from the air, protects the earth, and keeps your business compliant with air pollution control requirements. Are you considering outsourcing some or all of your system components’ manufacturing? Our shop has experience in assisting OEMs in producing comparable systems, including pollution control.

Some common gas pollutants in manufacturing industries include:

  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Particulate matter
  • Ground-level ozone
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Lead

Dust Collector System Fabrication

Dust collector systems are essential to providing effective air pollution control within a facility, and the fabrication of these systems requires high-quality materials. Dust collectors remove and collect dust and other airborne particles, ensuring the air is cleaner and safer. The design and fabrication of a dust collector system depend highly on the specific needs of the facility it serves. This will determine the type and size of the dust collector, the materials used in its construction, and ancillary systems such as hoods, ducting and conveyances, and airlocks. Some examples of these technologies include:

  • Baghouse systems
  • Hippo filters

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer System Fabrication

For some manufacturers, a regenerative thermal oxidizer system is ideal. Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) are a basic form of air pollution control equipment that decompose volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and other airborne solvents into CO2 and water vapor. The exhaust air is heated to a temperature of over 1400°F, which enables the effective decomposition of harmful pollutants into safer byproducts. These are utilized in industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical Manufacturers
  • Mining
  • Refractories

Choose a Partner That Understands Air Pollution Control and Filtration

You deserve to work with a company that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations regarding air pollution control systems and filtration solutions. That’s why you want to work with GSM Industrial. We prioritize our customers by providing exceptional services for reliable and efficient pollution control equipment. We can help with everything from aggregate processing and wastewater treatment to industrial product manufacturing, no matter your industry. Over the years, our team has gained valuable experience in handling various metal fabrication projects, regardless of how stringent the specifications, designs, or working conditions may be.

We approach every fabrication project with careful consideration, and You can always expect a consultative approach when dealing with us, and we will approach each project carefully. We aim to provide turnkey solutions that exceed your expectations, always focusing on value-driven, highly efficient, and effective solutions.

At GSM Industrial, we believe that every project is unique, and we are responsible for providing our customers with dependable and innovative solutions. We take pride in delivering high-quality products that meet your operational needs while ensuring you comply with environmental standards.

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Are you an OEM looking to partner with a company to provide your client with a turnkey solution?

  • Design – Do you need help with upfront system design or layout? Our team can provide a range of services, including field measurements, structural analysis, air flow analysis, duct work layout, structural support layout, and shop drawing detailing.
  • Fabrication – Looking to outsource the manufacturing of system components? Our shop has the experience you need to get OEMs to produce comparable systems.
  • Mechanical Installation – In need of a safe and experienced mechanical team to install the system at your client’s location, while meeting all their requirements and your deliverables? Our field crew has the experience and capability to fulfill this need in a safe and efficient manner. We are also equipped to travel throughout the United States to perform these installations effectively.

Are you a plant manager who has an existing system or just acquired a new system?

  • Design – Do you need help designing your dust collection system or modifying an existing RTO? Our internal team has the necessary expertise and design support, often outsourced by other mechanical contractors, ensuring a turnkey solution.
  • Fabrication – Are you looking for a company to provide key system components like duct work and structural supports that your system provider does not provide? Do you need a mechanical installation company to manufacture the necessary items for a turnkey solution? Our experienced team and shop capability can handle new and existing system fabrication needs.
  • Mechanical Installation – Need a safe and experienced team to install a new pollution control system or modify an existing one, while meeting strict schedules and project requirements? We can help.

Trust GSM Industrial With Your Air Pollution Control Systems and Filtration Solutions

Pollution control equipment consists of various devices and systems used to prevent or reduce the emission of air pollutants in manufacturing. It is an essential part of any production system. These devices and systems are designed to capture, filter, and recycle air particulates before they enter the atmosphere.

When it comes to pollution control, GSM Industrial knows the importance of prioritizing safety, from our metal fab shop to your job site..

With nearly 40 years of experience, we can assist with almost every aspect of your air pollution control unit or air-quality ventilation system to meet your needs best.

Our focus on delivering superior quality at a fair cost continues to be our top priority, and we take pride in ensuring our customers are satisfied with our service.