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Industrial Piping Fabrication that Meets the Highest Standards

When industrial piping systems are engineered and fabricated to your exact standards—including the pipes, flanges, tees, elbows, and welds—you can be sure they will operate safely, at maximum efficiency, and without leaks.

GSM Industrial fabricates most types of piping systems in our metal fab shop. Everything from mechanical piping and process piping to food-grade and sanitary piping; to utility piping and threaded, welded, Victaulic, and alloy piping.

Piping Systems by GSM Industrial

We are well-equipped to build all kinds of industrial piping at our metal fab shop—from precision-welding jobs to large-diameter pipe fabrication.

In our metal fabrication facility, we can perform many different jobs related to the construction of industrial piping. A few of those capabilities include:

  • ASME- and AWS-certified MIG, TIG & stick welding
  • CNC plasma cutting (for sheets up to 96″ x 240″)
  • CNC structural steel drilling
  • Structural steel cutting and coping
  • Plate rolling (up to 10′ in width for 1″ plate thickness)
  • Angle rolling
  • Shearing
  • Punching
  • Forming
  • Welding
  • Skidding
  • Trucking

To facilitate these pipe-fabrication capabilities, our shop is expertly equipped, including:

  • An expansive 110,000 ft² floorplan designed to reduce material-handling time to maximize production
  • A heavy-fabrication bay with two CNC plasma cutters, press brakes, heavy shears, and rolls
  • A pair of fit-up, assembly, and welding bays
  • 5-, 10-, and 15-ton overhead cranes that can lift up to 55 tons for assembly and welding
  • 2-ton cranes designed to expedite small fab projects
  • A structural steel fab area to build the structures necessary for industrial piping

When designing and fabricating industrial piping to meet your every need, you must understand that our fab shop is your fab shop. We have designed it to be highly efficient, cut down on costs, and help ensure that we complete your project on time. Get in touch with us today to see what our pipe fabrication services can do for you.

The Types of Industrial Piping we Fabricate

Whether or not we design your piping system, we are well-equipped to fabricate many types of industrial piping, including:

  • Victaulic Piping
  • Paint Circulation
  • Conveyance Systems
  • Hydraulic Piping
  • Chilled Water
  • Sanitary Piping
  • Alloy Piping
  • Hot Water
  • Steam Piping
  • Industrial Waste Piping
  • Chemical Piping
  • Mechanical Piping
  • Utility Piping
  • Process Piping
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Welded Piping
  • Threaded Pipe
  • Galvanized Steel

What type of piping system do you require for your next project? Let’s talk about how we can help.

Industrial Piping for Jobs of All Sizes

Suppose you need a small gas train pipe skid, a large ethanol skid, onsite mechanical process piping, sanitary piping, or other industrial piping. In any case, we can fabricate it using your drawings or ours. And then, after we’ve built it, our field installation crew will ensure that we’ve installed it to our highest standards.

We have the ASME and AWS certifications necessary for completing jobs that require “U” and “R” stamps and are guaranteed to pass stringent testing.

What does your upcoming project look like? Does it involve food grade or sanitary piping? How about process or mechanical piping? Or maybe it’s welded, threaded, alloy, or utility piping you need. No matter the specifics, let’s start a conversation about your industrial piping needs today!