Precision Welding Withstands Rigorous Testing Requirements
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Precision Welding Withstands Rigorous Testing Requirements
Precision Welding Withstands Rigorous Testing Requirements

It’s important in any welding project to understand and consider how and for what purpose the finished product will be used, as well as pay careful attention to the project specs. But when manufacturing piping for a company that provides and transports liquid gas products to its customers, it requires extra attention and precision to ensure the welds can hold up to the required rigorous testing.

GSM was hired to manufacture pipes used in the process of transferring gasses to and from trucks for transporting to customers, as well as to and from tanks for storage. The pipes are made of stainless steel and the process requires the precision of TIG welding and the use of a purge gas. The most challenging part of this work is ensuring that the welds withstand the thorough and rigorous testing demands as directed by the customer.

Because of the nature of the contents that will pass through the pipes, the testing includes exposure to extreme cold for 1 ½ minutes and extreme hot for 2 minutes. The pipe joint is wrapped with a rag soaked in liquid nitrogen, and the metal temperature is brought to -30F for 1 ½ minutes. It is then hit with a heat gun to 150-160F for 2 minutes. A visual inspection is done to make sure there are no cracks. We also do a thorough internal visual inspection to assure 100% penetration of the weld and no defects. The final step is to pressure test the pipes to 30 psi to verify no leaks exist.

GSM has completed 382 individual piping sections for this customer to date and is proud to report there have been no failures in testing.

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