Machining Services
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Machining Services

CNC Machine Shop: Superior Parts. Competitive Price.

The performance of your parts is a big deal. So where you get them produced is also a big deal. You want more than just a machine shop handling your orders. You want a partner with a solid reputation for producing quality components, 100% of the time.

GSM Industrial has a complete precision machining services operation. We produce custom components for the government, the pharmaceutical industry, and other industrial applications. Our skilled machinists use lean manufacturing processes and the industry’s most advanced CNC technologies. The end result is superior precision parts at a competitive price.

Machine Shop Equipment List

CNC Vertical Milling

We can machine plate sizes up to 20”x50” on our mid-sized CNC mills by moving and re-indicating the location of the plate and its features to +/- .001”. This kind of work typically needs to be performed on a much larger, more costly machine. But at GSM, we do it differently.
CNC Vertical Milling Capabilities

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