CNC Vertical Milling Capabilities
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CNC Vertical Milling Capabilities

Blanchard Machined Spacers for Heavy Construction Equipment

One of the advantages of cnc milling services with GSM Industrial is working with some of the finest machinists anywhere. We are capable of machining plate sizes up to 20” x 50” on our mid-sized CNC lathes by moving and re-indicating the location of the plate and its features to +/- .001”. Normally this type of work would need to be performed on a much larger and more expensive machine, which ultimately translates to a higher cost. At GSM Industrial, we work to make our CNC service precise and efficient.

Equipment HAAS VF4 CNC VERTICAL MILLLING CENTER 20HP > X-50”, Y-20”, Z-12”, +/.0005
HAAS VF4 CNC VERTICAL MILLLING CENTER 15HP > X-50”, Y-20”, Z-12”, +/-.0005
Capacity 20”x50”
Materials Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Monel, Inconel, Tool Steels
Tolerance +/-.0005”
Preferred Drawing Submission All types
Typical Quantities 1 -100 pieces per production lot. Larger quantities can be scheduled.
Typical Products Clutch Housings and Gear Case Transmissions for road construction machinery.
Pharmaceutical Blisterpack Production Tooling.
A wide variety of precision-machined components for the Hydro- Electric, Mineral Processing and machine design and build industries.
Industries Served Pharmaceutical Packaging
Industrial Printing, Batching & Sorting
Road Construction
Mining & Mineral Processing
Dept. of Defense
Industrial Fans


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