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Design, Fabrication, and Installation of a Dust Collection System.

GSM Industrial was contracted by a customer located in Reading, Pa to upgrade their dust collection system. The upgrade required GSM to design, fabricate, and install the upgraded dust collection system.

During the design stage of the project, GSM had to resize and reroute the exhaust ductwork and support steel from the existing collector to suit the upcoming building expansion. Once the design was approved, GSM fabricated the duct and support steel. Finally, our field team, had to remove the existing duct work and support structure, prior to installing the new system.

dust collection system

Our Challenges:

During the design stage of the project, GSM Engineers found that field verification of connection points and structure foundations was very difficult because nothing in the area was square, level or plumb. In order to overcome this issue, our engineers used several different techniques for field measuring and worked with the concrete contractor to verify foundation locations. GSM developed a temporary duct support that allowed the new building to be built. The temporary duct support was built in the field and designed to allow complete flexibility during installation. Once the building’s roof is complete it will support the ductwork permanently and the temporary support can be removed.

Due to the delays/changes in the foundation design, GSM experienced a decrease in the amount of time they had for fabrication and delivery. In order to gain some time and complete the project on time, our team built all of the ductwork (approximately 1/8 of a mile) while the support steel design was being completed. GSM Industrial only had a 9 day window to demolish the current dust collection system and install the new system. In order to overcome this challenge, the GSM team had all of the material onsite prior to job starting. In addition, the Foreman was onsite, prior to the actual start of the project, in order to come up with a plan to complete the project on time.

The Results!

GSM Industrial was able to overcome all obstacles due to our exceptional communication and planning throughout the project. This Design Build project was spread out across all parts of the business, putting GSM “in the driver’s seat”, where we excel.

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