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Ductwork Fabrication and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Installation

From ductwork fabrication to installation of a new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, the GSM Industrial team successfully overcame supply chain issues, equipment breakdowns, and difficult site access challenges, to install 130,000 pounds of steel at a client site in Brewster NY.

This project involved the fabrication and installation of new emissions remediation equipment to increase capacity, as well as the replacement of obsolete existing equipment. The job encompassed 510 shop and engineering man-hours and 705 field crew man-hours – all with no safety incidents.

To complete the project our team utilized a number of processes, including plasma cutting, rolling and forming, and welding to fabricate 80 feet of 50-inch ductwork and 60 feet of 20-inch ductwork (with duct supports) that were required. In addition, the GSM team was responsible for the demolition and removal of an approximately 30,000 pound stainless steel existing oxidizer and the mechanical installation of the new regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO).

Ductwork Fabrication and RTO Installation

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Our Challenges

The first hurdle encountered by our team was getting the 53’ trailer with an oversized, 90,000 lb. wide-load up a narrow access road which was further restricted by fencing. After removal of the fencing, and gaining access to the project site, a 350-ton crane was brought in to remove the heavy load. To allow the crane to access the center of the load, the team had to remove (and later replace) existing landscaping.

Supply chain disruptions and material availability issues stretched a 2-3 week long project into a 4 month long project.

Dealing with traditional January weather conditions in New York, our field crew worked through freezing temps and snow and overcame a number of equipment break down issues that resulted from the inclement weather in order to complete the project.

The Results!

Despite these challenges, we mechanically installed the new oxidizer and provided reconnection of electrical shipping splits. In addition, we installed 150 feet of wire and conduit to an indoor remote operating panel and provided start-up and commissioning support. Next, the GSM team efficiently installed the new aluminized steel ductwork, tying it into existing duct runs and incorporating the dampers provided by the customer. 

Our technical skills, experience, and thorough planning produced exceptional results for our customer. Our open communication, along with our ability to change work plans on the fly to minimize the weather’s impact on both the equipment and personnel, were key to a successful outcome.

GSM Industrial is an ASME-certified fabrication shop and Industrial Mechanical Contractor. This project utilized a number of our turnkey capabilities including design, fabrication, quality control, and mechanical installation.