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GSM Industrial Team Contracted to Design and Fabricate a T304SS Scrubber Tower.

A customer located in Long Beach, CA contracted GSM Industrial to fabricate a T304SS Scrubber Tower under stringent wind & seismic calculations. These towers are used to remove harmful contaminants within a gas/air stream prior to exhausting clean gas/air.

Scrubber Tower

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Our Challenges:

This project was challenging from a design perspective as no guy wires were allowed, therefore, the base of the tower had to be designed to support the rigorous wind and seismic conditions of Long Beach, CA. Being the tower was very tall (45’) and relatively small in diameter (2’Ø) a systematic design approach was required to satisfy the strict design requirements as well as efficient fabrication methods. The use of standard ANSI flanges was also another obstacle as they added far too much dead weight at the top of the tower.

GSM Industrial was able to address and overcome these challenges by doing the following:

  1. The use of custom machined flanges that were more suitable for the application rather than the standard buyout option. These flanges drastically lowered the overall weight of the tower, especially critical to lowering the bending moments witnessed at the base.
  2. A custom base was designed and fabricated to support the tower and required 100% RT of the welds.
  3. GSMI assembled the entire unit prior to shipment to verify overall dimensions were held as well as hydro testing to ensure no leaks were detected.

The Results!

The project was completed on time and within budget. It utilized all of the GSM offered services such and engineering, design, project management and exceptionally skilled welders and fabricators.

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