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GSM Industrial Team Fabricates a Gas Fired Air Heater

Dayco, located in Pottstown, PA contracted GSM Industrial to detail and fabricate a Gas Fired Air Heater. The project included fabrication of the heater as well as support steel for the air heater.

A Gas Fired Air Heater helps address the need for a hydrogen fueling infrastructure by cleanly and affordably generating high-purity hydrogen in urban locations. An ideal application is installing a SureSource Hydrogen System at wastewater treatment facilities to utilize renewable biogas as the fuel source and generate power and heat for the water treatment process and renewable hydrogen for transportation..

Gas Fired Air Heater

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Our Challenges:

This project used 25,000 lbs. of material consisting of multiple layers of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Blanket Insulation. It was extremely difficult to fit the insulation in between the layers of Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. The blanket insulation had to fit securely in order to keep the heated air contained in the Gas Fired Air Heater. The exceptional GSM Industrial fitters and welders had to use their unique skills in order to reach all of the areas of the Gas Fired Air Heater that needed to be insulated.

The Results!

GSM Industrial completed the Gas Fired Air Heater on time and within budget. Although there were some challenging aspects to the project, the team at GSM Industrial didn’t hesitate to work together and overcome the challenges. Contact GSM Industrial today for all of your Dirty, Dangerous, and Difficult projects.