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GSM Industrial’s Structural Steel Mastery: Building the Largest Permanent Healthcare Facility in North America Using Off-Site Modular Construction

Project Overview: A Monumental Achievement in Modular Construction

GSM Industrial was chosen by a leading manufacturer of modular style buildings to undertake the fabrication, assembly, welding, and on-site installation of structural steel frames for the largest permanent healthcare facility in North America using off-site modular construction. Situated in Athens, Ohio, this project not only showcased GSM’s unparalleled expertise in structural steelwork but also marked the customer’s largest venture in their history. GSM’s commitment to the customer began in the fall of 2022 when the customer contacted GSM Industrial to assist with steel fabrication of 197 modular frames.  Each module consisted of a single floor frame and a single roof frame.  In total, 394 frames were required to complete this project.  The commitment to the customer followed through all 2023, and into early 2024 as GSM helped mock fit & build each module off site, tear down and load for shipment, and ultimately help with final on-site assembly in Athens, Ohio. This is a testament to GSM’s dedication to quality, precision, and innovation.

The Challenge: Navigating Complexity Under Pressure

Meeting the Demands of Modular Precision

The project presented a series of formidable challenges, from logistical complexities to the sheer physical demands of the task. Key among these was the requirement to continuously provide 8-12 skilled workers on-site, regardless of the location — whether in-house, at the customer’s facility, or on the final site in Ohio. This workforce managed to sustain an intense pace, working 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week during the critical installation phase, braving adverse weather conditions to ensure the project remained on track.

Ensuring Sanitary Conditions Amidst Construction

Given the end use of the building as a healthcare facility, maintaining a completely dry environment throughout the construction process was paramount to prevent mold growth and contamination. This necessitated innovative solutions to keep the modules dry at all times, including daily covering and the use of temporary roofing systems, which were later replaced with permanent structures.

How GSM Industrial Excelled

GSM Industrial addressed these multifaceted challenges with a strategy that leveraged our deep experience, trust in our personnel and subcontractors, and our exceptional capacity for innovation and adaptability.

Project Impact: Setting a New Industry Standard

This project did not just result in the successful completion of the largest permanent modular healthcare facility in the United States; it also set new benchmarks for what can be achieved in modular construction regarding scale, complexity, and execution under demanding conditions. GSM Industrial’s role was pivotal in achieving these outcomes, demonstrating our capability to handle Dirty, Dangerous, and Difficult projects with exceptional skill and reliability.

Why GSM Stands Apart

GSM Industrial’s success on this project was not just about meeting the logistical and technical demands; it was about pushing the boundaries of what is possible in modular construction. Our ability to adapt, communicate effectively, and leverage our in-house resources and partnerships meant we could deliver a comprehensive solution that exceeded our customer’s expectations.

The GSM Advantage: Quality, Trust, and Dependability

Working with this customer for over 25 years, GSM Industrial has built a reputation for delivering on our promises, a legacy that was further cemented by our work in Athens, Ohio. Through continuous communication, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence, GSM Industrial has once again proven why we are the go-to partner for projects that demand the highest level of skill and dedication.

Conclusion: Your Partner for Excellence in Industrial Construction

As we reflect on the successful completion of this monumental project, we invite you to consider GSM Industrial for your next challenge. Whether it’s structural steel fabrication, welding, or complex installations, we are ready to bring our expertise, innovation, and commitment to your project.

Looking for a partner that can deliver exceptional results on your next industrial construction project? Contact GSM Industrial today and let us make your project the next success story.