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Industrial DeDuster® Projects for a U.S. Company with Global Reach

Pelletron, headquartered in Lancaster, PA, is a supplier and exporter of dust removal systems for the plastics industry, among others. Their patented industrial DeDuster® systems are used for many applications, including cleaning plastic pellets to remove dust and impurities that can result in defective plastic products.

Our team at GSM Industrial was thrilled at the opportunity to partner with Pelletron, to serve a customer base that spans the globe—with the added challenge of complying with international standards.

Critical Projects for Pelletron, Supported by GSM Industrial

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Recent Pelletron projects featuring industrial DeDuster® systems with international components required our experts’ guidance in engineering, fabrication, and shipping.

Tasnee Mobile DeDuster® System

This job included fabrication, unit pre-assembly, and testing—all performed onsite in the GSM Industrial metal fabrication shop. After testing, the unit was disassembled and shipped to a plastic manufacturer in Saudi Arabia.

Mobile DeDuster® System

Just like it sounds, this industrial DeDuster® is a mobile dust-removal unit that’s installed on rails, on a mobile stand, or a bagging machine. Pelletron designed one of these mobile DeDuster® systems for Tasnee, a plastics supplier in Saudi Arabia, and we built and fabricated major components of the turnkey system:

  • Large cyclone
  • Inline filter
  • Specialized ductwork and piping
  • Safety handrails and ladders

In addition to fabrication, we delivered even more value by assembling the entire industrial DeDuster® on a concrete pad and performed testing at our facility in Lancaster, PA. We also supplied recommendations that improved the assembly process and the finished product.

The final step involved shipping the Mobile DeDuster® to Saudi Arabia for final assembly. We disassembled the entire system to prep the unit for shipping and packed all components into ocean containers for international shipping. Although fabrication requirements are typically similar for U.S. and international projects, the shipping component is different and complex. Skid preparation is key, with stamp-treated wood as a requirement.

Samsung DeDuster® System

Pelletron’s DeDuster® is the heart of its business, so it made sense that the company would look for a partner who could bring valuable ideas to the table for fabricating this critical product.

When Samsung asked Pelletron to develop a new DeDuster® design – the first of its kind – it reached out to GSM Industrial for help. The DeDuster® was part of a complex system used to clean plastic pellets used in the manufacture of cell phone casings and device protection covers.

The Samsung DeDuster® had extreme quality standards. It required stainless steel construction and a “showroom quality” look when it came to the cosmetics of the piece. GSM and Pelletron worked closely together from the early stages of development to ensure a successful outcome.

After visiting Pelletron’s site and discussing equipment and design details, GSM Industrial’s professionals provided input and options to improve the DeDuster® design and lower costs. With extensive knowledge of material and sheet sizes, our engineers recommended a heavier material to prevent warping and deliver longer product life. We supplied all the stainless steel material and completed the fabrication, welding, assembly, and polishing.

After much collaboration and testing, our team and Pelletron’s deemed the build a massive success, and it shipped to Samsung’s facility in South Korea for installation. 

This project marked a crucial landmark in our partnership with Pelletron. It allowed for cooperation in the project’s early design stages—before fabrication even began. It’s another excellent example of the value that comes from a strong business partnership.

“Working with OEMs like Pelletron is what GSM Industrial does best. Their projects are great examples of how we work with customers to meet their international standards and how we strive for collaborative, long-term business partnerships that result in better products for everyone.”

Dave Towers, GSM Industrial

“The DeDuster® is a very special product for Pelletron, and the Samsung project—which required a first-of-its-kind DeDuster® design—was a big deal. GSM Industrial was a critical part of the project’s success; they provided a lot of input on how the piece could be made better. It was very sophisticated work, and GSM showed they were more than capable of helping us get the job done.”

Michael King, Pelletron Corporation

A Valued Business Partnership, Built Around Industrial DeDusters®

“I need a Fabrication Partner, Collaborator, Solution Provider.”

When you’re looking for a fabricator for a project, you might not be thinking along these lines—at first. You might simply be searching for a vendor who can get the job done. But things often don’t go as planned, and having just a vendor isn’t good enough.

That’s why it’s so important to have a valued business partner at your side. As the building of these industrial DeDusters® proves, it can make all the difference in your project’s outcome.

GSM Industrial’s customer relationship with Pelletron Corporation and their industrial DeDuster® line is a prime example of a long-standing business partnership that thrives on collaboration and idea-sharing to create more innovative solutions for our customers.