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Quick Turnaround Field Installation in Reading, PA

In March 2023, GSM Industrial successfully executed a swift field installation of a hood and cover plate for a client in Reading, PA. The customer had been experiencing disruptions in production due to water leakage in their facility, prompting the need for our urgent intervention. Responding quickly, GSM Industrial provided a comprehensive solution, beginning with an initial quote on Friday, followed by design work over the weekend and early the following week. The fabrication of the hood and cover plate occurred within two days, and the installation was completed in a day and a half, effectively resolving the client’s issue.

Hood and Cover Plate

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Our Challenges: Managing Dangerous and Difficult Conditions

The fast-paced nature of this project was a significant challenge, with the entire process from quotation to installation spanning a mere seven days. Additionally, the installation was performed off scaffolding, at a height of 35 feet, requiring intricate maneuvering and enhanced safety measures. These factors combined to make the task demanding and hazardous, presenting conditions many would classify as “dirty, dangerous, and difficult.”

The Results: Quick Turnaround Installation in Reading, Pa

Despite these challenges, GSM Industrial showcased its unique capability to adapt quickly, incorporating this job into an already full schedule and delivering the project on time. This was a relatively small but urgent task, which other companies might have turned down. But GSM Industrial was not deterred by the size or complexity of the project. Instead, the team displayed their dedication to meeting customer needs, regardless of the project’s scale. This quick turnaround impressed the customer, not only with the speed of completion but also with the high-quality work delivered. Such agile and reliable service underpins GSM Industrial’s reputation as a superior service provider for projects that are dirty, dangerous, and difficult.

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