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Relocation of a Dust Collection System.

GSM Industrial was contracted by a leading Pennsylvania Cabinet Door Manufacturer to execute the relocation of a massive Dust Collection System which included associated equipment and inter-connecting ductwork. The 12′ x 41′ Dust Collection System was moved from one plant to another at the same site.

Dust Collection System

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Our Challenges:

The Dust Collection System weighs 23,8000 lbs. Moving the system was not going to be an easy task. Thanks to GSM Industrial’s multi-skilled capabilities, we were able to perform the work needed in order to relocate the system. The work began with rigging in order to disassemble the system. GSM Industrial used cranes to move the Dust Collector, associated equipment and inter-connecting ductwork. Our team then staged the Dust Collection System and loaded it onto flatbeds. The system was transported to a new plant and reassembled in the same orientation as it was previously.

As you can imagine, this project produced a lot of heavy activity at the facility. GSM Industrial had to work with the client to develop a plan so that the Dust Collection System could be disassembled, moved, and reassembled without disruption to the facility’s production.

The Results!

GSM Industrial was able to overcome all obstacles due to our exceptional communication with the client. All work was completed safely, successfully, and on schedule with no disruptions to the facilities plant operations.