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How Field Services Experience Minimizes Disruptions and Maximizes Safety

Field Services Safety

Industrial field service crews face some of the toughest conditions and tightest deadlines. They have to meet each project with the timing and precision necessary to make sure clients’ operations can keep moving forward. To meet our clients’ needs, GSM Industrial has cultivated a field service crew that can go wherever is needed, get the job done efficiently, and get everyone home safely. Our team contributes to our excellent EMR and TRIR numbers, and minimizes disruptions to our client. We do this through our experience and safety culture.

Experienced Field Services Crew

While our field services crews have all necessary certifications and training to perform highly technical field services, experience is the best teacher. The average tenure of a GSM Industrial field service team member is 11.5 years. This means that when we send a crew to your site, they have worked in a similar environment, on a similar project, and likely in the same industry before. This equips our team with the ability to tackle the challenges common to field service projects and know how to come up with the right solutions. Our clients can stay focused on their business operations, entrusting that we know how to get the job done.

Safety is also based on experience. Operating heavy equipment and completing work on an active site leads to more situational awareness and an understanding of what causes unnecessary risks. With more than a decade of experience to back their decision-making, our team can effectively maintain safe operations while also looking for ways to be more efficient.

Solutions to Minimize Disruptions

For a lot of our clients, production can’t stop when a maintenance or installation project needs to start. Working in a partially or fully operational environment poses a risk to our clients’ employees and our field services crew. This is where having an experienced and well-trained team can mean the difference between getting the job done right and safely, and costly mistakes causing lost production.

During pre-bid meetings, we know the right questions to ask to evaluate all timeline, machinery, and safety needs. We collaborate with our clients to develop a game plan for minimizing our traffic and interference with their operations, as well as methods to reduce the traffic and disruptions their operations could have on our projects. Some of the flexible options we have used in the past include:

  • Shutting down part of the plant
  • Completing the work on a less productive shift
  • Create a temporary barrier to section off our work area
  • Setting a dedicated person to watch for risks like traffic or fire
  • Work within other scheduled shut downs

Increased Safety Awareness

GSM Industrial has a recognized culture of safety. We have earned the Safety Award of Merit by The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International which is based on our safety record and reported numbers. When the COVID-19 pandemic caused companies to re-evaluate their safety protocols, GSM Industrial already had a written pandemic procedure ready to put in place. Our COVID-19 precautions are designed to keep our crews healthy and able to complete projects for our clients. We all feel a responsibility for keeping each other safe, and so we follow CDC recommendations as well as healthy practices such as the following:

  • Wearing masks when working closely with others
  • Social distancing whenever possible
  • One crew member per truck
  • Thermometers available on each truck
  • Hand washing stations added to the trucks, with soap, water, and paper towels
  • Sanitizer for all of the trucks
  • Renting port-a-johns for the crew when other facilities are not available

While GSM Industrial has procedures in place to protect the field crew, we are also able to adapt to our clients’ requirements. For example, some clients have requested daily temperature checks and daily symptom questionnaires. We adjust our procedures to include what our customers need to keep their employees safe.

Decentralized Field Services Operations

With experience comes the ability to replicate our work ethic, safety, and successes on job sites across America. Our teams can operate independently, while still providing the structured methodology and superior quality any business can expect from GSM Industrial. Each team includes qualified professionals with experience in different industries and in overcoming a wide variety of challenges on the job. Our ability to decentralize our processes has lead to successful field services projects more than 1,500 miles from our corporate offices in Lancaster, PA.

GSM Industrial’s field service crews have the experience necessary to complete dangerous work with safety and efficiency. Explore the services we offer and request a quote for your upcoming field service needs.