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Prodevco PCR42

Prodevco PCR42: A Game-Changer in Metal Fabrication at GSM Industrial

Discover how the Prodevco PCR42 is changing the game in metal fabrication at GSM Industrial. Learn about the unparalleled benefits and efficiency it brings to our customers
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Check out the unmatched power of the Peddinghaus Ocean Adventure Drill Line

Join Brian Dombach, GSM Industrial President, and Carrington Moyer, Senior Fabricator as they explore the power of the Peddinghaus Ocean Adventure Drill Line.    
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Messer High Def Plasma Cutting System in Action

Brian Dombach explores one of GSM Industrial’s most powerful machines on the shop floor. The Messer High Definition Plasma Cutting system is used to cut all kinds of plates and steel including carbon steel and stainless steel.
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A Unique Application for a Table Top Positioner

President Brian Dombach shares a great example of creativity and problem-solving on the shop floor, as one of our employees uses an existing piece of equipment in a unique application. Watch this video of Andy, a 15-year veteran of GSM…
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The Impact of the Supply Chain, Labor, and Inflation

With no immediate end in sight, manufacturers continue to struggle with rising material prices and a decline in supply and inventory. And, the continuing labor crisis just adds insult to injury to custom metal fab shops. In our latest video,…
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Market Conditions Continue to Impact Metal Pricing and Quote Times

GSM President Brian Dombach sums up what metal fabricators are seeing in the current metal market environment and what you can do in response. Overall, prices are up; quote validity is shorter, and lead times are longer. What can customers…
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Blast and Paint Finishes

There are several finishing options for metal fabrication projects at a variety of price points. Whether your project needs protection from corrosion or you just want an aesthetically pleasing finish, GSM President Brian Dombach reviews the finish options available at…
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Update on Steel Pricing and Supply

We shared information in Q1 on the volatility of the supply and price of metal, and the impact that was having on fabrication projects. In this video message, GSM Industrial President Brian Dombach provides an update on the market conditions…
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ASME Code Vessel Inspection Process

ASME fabrication projects undergo strict testing to ensure the integrity of the finished product. GSM Industrial President Brian Dombach explains the testing and inspection process of a recent ASME code vessel that was completed in the shop.
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Solvent Recovery System Helps Reduce Paint Waste

While many may not associate a metal fabrication company with being concerned about the environment, GSM Industrial tries to do our part. Recently, we installed a solvent recovery system in our paint booth which helps to reduce the amount of…
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