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GSM Industrial Improves Safety Rating

For a third straight year, GSM Industrial has improved its Experience Modification Rate. The EMR is assigned by the insurance industry and is a clear indicator of safe business practices. When a company has very few claims due to injuries and accidents, the EMR is adjusted lower. The lower the number is from the base point of 1.00 the better. GSM’s EMR went from a good .873 in 2007, to a great .766 in 2010.

“There is only one fabricator in our region with a lower score (.764), so we keep reminding our mechanics in the field that we can still do better,” says Jim McDevitt, GSM Safety Director.

We conduct consistent safety audits and reports, do site-specific safety plans and conduct drug and alcohol testing for employees. This steadfast commitment has resulted in us receiving the ABC Excellence in Construction Safety Award in 2009. GSM Industrial Certifications include an OSHA Outreach Instructor, First Aid/CPR Instructor, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Instructor, and MSHA Part 46 and 48 IS Instructor (for mine work).
“We believe the prevention of accidents and injuries is so important, that we put safe working practices over productivity whenever necessary,” says GSM president Jim Towers. “To ensure we provide a safe working environment for ourselves and our customers, GSM employs a full-time and fully dedicated Safety Director.”