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Weld Your Way Out of the Student Debt Crisis

Forbes magazine published an article last week stating that student loan debt has ballooned up to $1.3 Trillion dollars.  Of this, $31 Billion is “seriously delinquent”.  Also, Pennsylvania has the second highest average student debt amount ($34,798.00).

Supply and Demand Fact:

  • According to a Bloomberg Businessweek Report – The American Welding Society estimates a 290,000 job deficit for welding professionals in 3 years.

Tuition Facts:

  • $15,600.00 Tuition cost for a two year curriculum to become a welder
  • $71,600.00 Tuition cost for a four year Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy

“We need more welders and less philosophers.” – Marco Rubio during 2015 Republican Debate

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