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Can we handle big & heavy fabrication projects?

Is holding a railroad freight car filled with coal big and heavy enough?

Canonsburg, PA-based Metso Minerals hired us to build and transport a Car Dumper Platen for taking railroad freight cars filled with coal, indexing them onto the Rotary Platen and rotating them to unload the coal into the awaiting hoppers. To start, this was a large fabrication project. The steel beams needed to support the full weight of the filled freight car. The clamping mechanism needed to hold the filled freight car secure during rotation and dumping. And if those requirements weren’t tough enough, add the extremely tight tolerances and quality requirements needed for this coal-fired power plant operation. And, oh yeah, the project was subject to penalties for any late delivery. Not to worry … GSM completed and delivered the Car Dumper Platen on time, and successfully passed the quality and testing requirements.

At GSM Industrial, you’ll find:

  • 110,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility (under roof) plus a few acres of staging and/or laydown space outside
  • Major highway and rail car access
  • 55-ton, single-bay lift capacity with 20-ft. height (under the hook)
  • 24’ x 53’ in-house grit blasting booth, and the same size in-house painting booth
  • $10,000,000 construction bonding level