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GSM Industrial is adding to the team!!

Who do you know that would be a good fit for GSM?  As part of thier strategic growth plan, GSM Industrial is adding to the sales team. Jeff Ream, VP of Fabrication, says “we are looking for someone that has some experience, knows thier way around a fab shop, and isn’t afraid to bring in some new customers and projects.”  The position, Fabrication Account Manager, is responsible for the customer relationship and the entire process of completing a fabrication project. The team member will perform, delegate and/or oversee the following steps in the process: SALES: prospecting, estimating, followup, closing the sale. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: design, engineering, detailing, takeoff, purchasing, fabrication management, shipping and invoicing. This position is one with a lot of independance and responsibity. “It’s really like running your own little business, but with the support of the entire shop behind you” Says Executive Vice President Brian Dombach. “I want our account managers to go after new products and industry segments, and really contribute to growing the company by managing profitable projects.” GSM Industrial is a Metal Fabrication job shop and Installation and Maintenance contractor located in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  More information can be found at