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GSM Industrial Introduces Starblast and Glass-Bead to its Arsenal

GSM Industrial recently implemented Starblast and Glass Bead as additional Blast Booth capabilities at our 110,000 sqft facility to serve our customers with a wider range of services and further improve quality control of the final product. Bringing both these capabilities in-house allows GSM to decrease lead times and continue to commit resources to timely deliveries and exceptional quality standards. We are now able to perform this service onsite, streamline the process, and provide another finishing option to both carbon steel and stainless steel projects.

We offer three different types of media in the Blast Booth: GS16 Ballotini Glass Bead, Starblast, and Metaltec GM-50 Steel Abrasive. For clients that are looking for a distinct finish on their stainless steel project, we recommend a two-step process using Starblast to remove any large surface irregularities and debris, then finishing with the finer grit GS16 to achieve a smooth, homogenous profile across the entire surface of the substrate.

Critical to the process is control and segregation of the media to ensure no stainless steel projects are cross-contaminated with spent media.  Stainless steel hoppers with isolation valves ensure each type of blast media remains clean, thus preventing cross contamination.

GSM’s recent investment in its blasting capabilities comes immediately following the addition of an 8,500 sqft dedicated stainless steel fabrication area.  The two investments complement each other and provide a full array of services to our growing Customer base.


GS16 Ballotini Glass Beads remove sediments on a surface by using fine glass beads.

Starblast® is an abrasive combination of grainy and granular staurolite sands that have sharp and rounded edges.

Metaltec GM-50 Steel Abrasive is made with low carbon bainite producing a clean finish that lasts for years.

GSM again collaborated with local blast & paint equipment expert Tim Baer and Finishing Systems in York, PA, to complete the project on an expedited schedule.  Mr. Baer’s Company provided all the equipment including both stainless hoppers, new blast lines, and valves to the existing 40’x60’x40’ Finishing Systems blast booth.

Here at GSM Industrial, we value Customer satisfaction and strive to improve the experience with every project.  Contact us today to learn more about our services and what we can do for our clients.