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Why American Made Matters


Brian Dombach – President, GSM Industrial

Does it matter where the products you buy come from? Does American Made or American owned company mean anything to Americans anymore? Did you know that we, here at GSM Industrial, are affiliated with two organizations, American Made Matters and Think Local? Both support American manufactured products, services, and locally run businesses. From K-nex toys to Tito’s vodka to Deka batteries – these are just some great examples of American owned companies that are growing and thriving in these competitive times by producing American made products.

There are also companies, industries and products that are sold here, but entirely produced outside of our country, such as clothing, electronics, and even building materials. When these products are sold and bought within our country, it supports other countries’ growths instead of our own.

Check out It’s an organization and initiative started by the owner of a Lancaster County hat factory who personally felt the pain of laying off over one hundred workers when foreign competition decimated the U.S. garment manufacturing industry. It’s hard to believe that domestic production accounts for less than 3% of retail sales here in America.

If we don’t continue to manufacture the products we buy and use, we will be a nation dependent on the manufacturing done by others in other countries. The people, skills and experience that make products will migrate to other centers of production. Our competitive edge will continue to dull.

American Made means American Security.

Just like a slew of other American manufacturers, GSM makes stuff. As an American owned company, there is something rewarding about seeing raw materials transformed into something that adds value. A machine that works, a jacket you wear, or a tool you use. We can touch, feel and see the results of the time, energy, and education that we invest into making stuff. We need to help the future generations of American leaders understand there is great pride in being an American manufacturer, and a producer of American products.

American Made means American Pride.

America can remain a world leader if we can continue to manufacture the cars, tools and clothes we use every day. We can’t depend on the government to regulate the solution. We will get better and more cost effective and more innovative as we have to supply more products to more users here on our own soil.

American Made means American Strength.

We realize that it isn’t possible to buy everything you need from an American source. As an example, GSM bought these really cool baseball caps. We had our logo sewn onto the front. It even had an American flag to show our pride as an American company. We then found out that they were made in China. How do we combat this when those same cool caps can’t be found from an American producer – at any price? We also realize we are becoming a global society that is intertwined in a bigger way with foreign countries and people every day. But what made America strong; our work ethic, desire for independence and innovative American dream, is what will continue to make us a great country and a great place to live, work and play. According to American Made Matters research, if Americans spent just 5% more on American made products, we would create 1,000,000 more jobs, right here, in America.

American Made means American Jobs.

This is why American made matters to the GSM team, and why it should matter to you as well. For more information, check out and join the effort to educate consumers that buying American made products is good for everyone.

American Made is the American Dream.