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GSM Industrial supports Lancaster’s “THINK LOCAL” campaign

As part of our continuing effort to support the community in which we live, work and play, GSM Industrial has produced a short Think Local introductory video.  Brian Dombach, EVP and General Manager, says: “The Lancaster Chamber put together a great offer along with WoodStar Productions to produce these videos.  It was a simple process at a great price and we are pleased with how the final product turned out.”  Although GSM does perform some work outside the area on occasion, most of the vendors and customers are within a couple hours of the shop in Centerville, just west of Lancaster City.  “While it seems like there are plenty of local competitors to serve the immediate area, we still see out of town contractors sometimes.  Obviously, we would prefer that local manufacturers and industrial sites would always use local contractors and fabricators so we continually try to educate them about our capabilities.  This is just one other tool to help.”  says Dombach.

GSM Industrial, a Gooding Company, is a Custom Metal Fabricator and Installation Contractor based in Centerville, Lancaster County, PA.  With a focus on safety and a 110,000 sq. ft. shop, projects are built for the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Aggregates industries.  More information is available by calling Brian Dombach at 717-207-7769.