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GSM Industrial Receives Safety Award of Merit

On April 19th, GSM Industrial received the 2019 Safety Award of Merit from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA). The FMA/CNA Financial Annual Safety Awards grants this honor to metal fabrication companies that practice excellence regarding safety in the…
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FOR Solutions Composter

Princeton University Waste Management Initiative

In July 2016, Dr. Nicholas J. Smith-Sebasto (Dr. Nick) reached out to GSM Industrial to help design and fabricate the final version of his patented FOR Solutions Composting System. When Dr. Nick first started this venture over 7 years ago,…
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Veterans Day


One of the pillars at GSM Industrial is SERVING OUR CUSTOMERS with excellence in custom metal fabrication, plant maintenance, equipment installation, machining, and contract manufacturing. The roots of that pillar go back to our two owners’ commitments to SERVING OUR…
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Paying it Forward to Tomorrow’s Workforce

Over the years, our industry has experienced a decrease in skilled tradesmen within the workforce. To combat the skills gap, GSM Industrial has been giving back to local educational communities that have programs for training mechanical trade professionals. Recently we…
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The Robust Economy and How It Affects Manufacturers Everywhere

The current economy has been great for manufacturers and corporations. The volume of goods produced indicates that production rates are currently at an all-time high. While this is excellent for organizations, the increase in production also comes with unique challenges.…
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Exceptional People, Exceptional Results Series: Fabrication

This blog article marks the first post in our Exceptional People, Exceptional Results Series, where we’ll be highlighting team members and their trades. Our goal is to give customers an inside look at how our team sets GSM Industrial apart.…
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The Exceptional People at GSM Industrial

Who is GSM Industrial? In order to fully understand our culture and who we are, you’ve got to go right to the source – our people. Our team is comprised of the best talent in the industry and they are…
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Moving Forward with GSM Industrial

Continued growth in an organization is extremely important. Cael Sanderson, a Wrestling Coach at Penn State, said it best, “Unless you continually work, evolve, and innovate, you’ll learn a quick and painful lesson from someone who has.” At GSM Industrial,…
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Keeping You Informed About Steel & Aluminum Tariffs

In the weeks leading up to the announced tariffs on both steel and aluminum and the weeks since, there has been growing concern about how the tariffs will impact American industries. Many are wondering which industries will benefit, which will…
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Manufacturing’s Disruptive Technologies on the Horizon

Each and every day new technologies are emerging that have the potential to disrupt our daily lives. The manufacturing industry is no exception. At GSM Industrial, we are constantly looking toward the future and how we can best utilize and…
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