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The Pros and Cons of 4 Welding Methods

Welding processes are as varied as the pieces they create, and choosing the right one can be vital to a project’s success and cost. That’s why it is important to know the pros and cons of MIG, TIG, Flux Core,…
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Solvent Recovery System Helps Reduce Paint Waste

While many may not associate a metal fabrication company with being concerned about the environment, GSM Industrial tries to do our part. Recently, we installed a solvent recovery system in our paint booth which helps to reduce the amount of…
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Solving Problems Before They Start

When embarking on a project that can involve many steps – from design and engineering; to cutting, forming, welding, and finishing; and finally onto assembling and installation – it’s important for the various teams involved in the project to work…
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Volatile Metal Pricing Impacts Fabrication Projects – What You Need to Know

The supply and price of metal is changing rapidly due to slowdowns in production months ago, causing an impact on projects in the pipeline and those currently being estimated. Watch this vlog for important information and tips to follow.
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What to Look for in a Metal Fabrication Partner

When looking for a metal fabrication partner to complete a job, there are several factors to consider. While everyone looks for a competitive price, and appropriately so, there are many other factors to consider to make sure you are selecting…
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National Steel Prices Rising

Steel demand is outpacing production. Steel mills, which had a reduction in capacity in the 2nd quarter 2020, have been slow to ramp production back up even though demand has increased and continues to do so. Because mills are reluctant…
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Cost, Delivery, Quality: The Unattainable Trio?

Competitive cost, delivery, and quality are fundamental requirements in manufacturing and in fabrication. Each category influences the others, and each is essential. As a custom fabrication shop and industrial contractor, the two that are often given the most attention and…
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What You Need to Know About Getting the Best Bid from a Metal Fabricator

We all know price is important, and everyone wants to receive a company’s best bid for a fabrication or field service project they need completed. But what you may not realize is that part of getting the best bid lies…
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What’s Included in a T&M rate?

Seems like a pretty straight forward question, right? Unfortunately, with so many mechanical contractors out there, there are many different ways to price that T&M (Time and Materials) rate which could mean you are not comparing apples to apples. Let’s…
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The Value of Asking Just One Simple Question

By asking customers just one question, GSM Industrial gleans a lot of information about customer satisfaction, as well as ways we can continue to improve the customer experience. For about 2 years, GSM has been using Net Promoter Score (NPS),…
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