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When You Need A Partner – Not A Vendor – For Custom Fabrication

Man standing in front of ASME vessels at a chemical plant

When you need a custom fabricator for your project, it’s hard to know the most important things to look for. It might be tempting to simply choose the company that can do the job for the least amount of money, but that leaves you exposed to the risk of change orders, upsells, or questionable quality. Finding an experienced fabrication company that will act as your partner will result in building trust and a mutually beneficial relationship. These partnerships can benefit everyone’s bottom line.

Our clients have a true partner in GSM Industrial. They lean on us for our capabilities and expertise in custom fabrication because they know we have thousands of projects behind us. From the straightforward jobs to the complex, one-of-a-kind projects, we have the depth of know-how to help our clients problem-solve solutions and maximize their savings.

This becomes even more critical for heavily regulated projects, such as ASME vessels. Our clients depend on us to:

  • Understand and meet product specifications
  • Use our expertise to suggest design changes to meet the same goal but in a better way
  • Ensure compliance with requirements of ASME Code Section VIII and IX Division 1 in fabrication, testing, examination, and documentation
  • Coordinate any outside subcontractors necessary for elements outside of manufacturing
  • Providing documentation and registration for Manufacturer’s Data Reports
  • Managing quality from start to finish

Learn more about our ASME capabilities here.

While providing clients with these services might be seen as “part of the job” of being a manufacturer, GSM Industrial goes above and beyond to act as a true partner for our clients. We are a team of exceptional people delivering exceptional results for our clients. We want every partner and project to be a success, which means we put processes in place to achieve that goal.

For example, we know our partners depend on us to help them avoid downtime or lost revenue due to missed deadlines. Our project management team champions our clients’ deadlines, making sure major milestones are consistently hit by the projects they manage. We coordinate logistics and shipping with our clients because getting projects to their final destination is part of what a true partner does. Our support continues beyond the completed project, extending into final installation and meeting future maintenance and repair needs.

When it comes to picking a manufacturer for an ASME project, or any large stainless steel fabrication project, it is critical to find a partner who believes their success is dependent on your success. If you’re looking for a partner with a rich manufacturing background, the capabilities to handle large and difficult projects, the processes required to keep your project moving efficiently, and the expertise to make sure your final product meets the stringent design, quality, and functionality requirements you need, we can help. Contact us to get started.