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Paying it Forward to Tomorrow’s Workforce

Over the years, our industry has experienced a decrease in skilled tradesmen within the workforce. To combat the skills gap, GSM Industrial has been giving back to local educational communities that have programs for training mechanical trade professionals. Recently we had the opportunity to contribute to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and Hempfield School District.

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is Pennsylvania’s #1 Technical College. It has over 1,000 students enrolled in 22 technical-based programs to educate future trade workers. The courses provide students with the opportunity for a hands-on experience and to learn from experts in the industries.

GSM Industrial and its parent company (The Gooding Group) Foundation awarded Thaddeus Stevens College $25,000 each, totaling $50,000 in materials and labor to build custom material racks for the school. The frameworks that were built with this contribution will be used to hold material for future trade workers.

Jared Keim, Machine Tool & Manufacturing Instructor, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, commented, “In my fifteen years of experience, five of which as a sourcing manager, I have very seldom received a custom built product at the level of quality with which our stock racks were built. Speaking as the person who designed these racks, GSM delivered exactly what I had envisioned.”

Hempfield School District

Hempfield School District

Hempfield School District has 6,814 K-12 students who are encouraged to utilize their talents through robust programs with high-quality instruction and extracurricular activities. The Technology and Engineering department is an experience-based program that educates students about the importance of mathematics and science within construction and manufacturing fields.

GSM Industrial hosted a group of middle schoolers at our manufacturing plant as a part of Manufacturing Day. The visit included a tour of the facility where students learned about the manufacturing industry. They were informed about different trades, how they affect the economy, and the skills needed to maintain a safe environment.

Here at GSM Industrial, our goal is to bridge the gap between the economy and skilled labor. We recognize the importance of educating future generations on trade professions and believe giving back to these communities can make a tremendous impact. We were honored to offer these educational facilities our resources and we hope for a bright future in the trade professions.

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