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Safety Culture and Methods to Improve

Safe Welding at GSM Industrial

“There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots. However, there are no old, bold pilots.”

At GSM Industrial, we value safety above all else. We place great importance on our ability to provide our dedicated employees, sub-contractors, vendors, and customers with a safe working environment. Over the years we’ve worked extremely hard to improve our safety, but unless you have zero incidents every single year there is always room for improvement.

As part of this constant and never-ending safety initiative, our team has launched “Journey to Zero” where we’ve implemented several proactive measures that will help us to identify, understand, and measure any risk throughout our working environment.

Tools, Protection, Procedures, and Positioning (T3P)

We begin our “Journey to Zero” with the introduction and reinforcement of T3P, a simple checklist to aid in avoiding incidents. While working at GSM Industrial, each employee needs to ask these four questions before they begin their next task:

• Am I using the right TOOLS for the job?
• Am I wearing the proper PROTECTION (PPE)?
• Am I following the prescribed PROCEDURES?
• Am I POSITIONING my body correctly for the task?

Failure to ask these simple questions results in 99% of all incidents. So it is not only important that we implement the T3P concept, but that we continue to reinforce its necessity every day, making it a habit within our work environment.

GSM Safety Incident QUICK REPORT

At GSM Industrial, we are also implementing Quick Reports in order to communicate safety incidents more efficiently, thereby learning from the experience, and reduce the potential for reoccurring incidents. While these reports have always been required for all OSHA recordable incidents, we will also be using them to communicate first aid, near-miss incidents, and environmental events to the entire GSM team.

Our leadership team will be working hard to keep all individuals informed of any incidents. Communication is vital on our “Journey to Zero.”

Safety Walk Through

In order to reach our goal of zero incidents in 2018, it’s important to try and catch any incidents or potential problems before they happen. So not only will we be communicating with our entire team in the event of an incident, we will also be collaborating with them to identify any potential risks. The GSM leadership team will perform a safety walk through on a regular basis. By doing so we can identify risk, mitigate it, and ultimately correct it.


GSM Industrial is a team, but we require the help of every individual on that team to reach our goal. Each team member will receive a copy of our expectations and reporting and they will be held accountable. The greatest contribution any employee can make to the safety process is to be a positive influence towards safety in the workplace. By taking extreme ownership of their own safety, the safety of the individual next to them, and setting a good example for others, the “Journey to Zero” will be within reach.

These safe work practices will help us in identifying, understanding, and managing risk in order to provide a safe work environment for ourselves, as well as our customers. With our extensive safety training and stringent procedures, every GSM employee will be able to perform their job safely. We’ve set our goals high for 2018, but we truly believe the prevention of accidents and injuries is so important that we are willing to put safe working practices over productivity whenever necessary.

We are excited to move toward these new goals in 2018! If you’re ready to discuss how we can help safely tackle your next project, give us a call.