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Wastewater Crisis: How a Single-Source Manufacturing Company Is Doing Its Part

Have you ever thought about how important water is? Water is everything. It’s food, power, and commerce. But, what would happen if we began running out of usable, clean water? Find out how GSM Industrial is helping this booming wastewater industry by working to manufacture and fabricate using our experience, safety and flexibility.

The State of the Water Wastewater Industry

One of the largest growing industries, the water and wastewater industry, knows water is imperative to life and is doing their best to educate the population about the importance of water reuse. They’re also looking to industrial manufacturers who truly care about our water sources to help fabricate wastewater treatment equipment by using effective and efficient technologies. Here at GSM Industrial, our ability to act as a single-source partner makes us the perfect match to provide solutions for this increasing concern.

The Truth Behind Wastewater

Did you know every day the weight of the entire human population (about 6.8 billion people) of sewage, industrial and agricultural waste is intoxicating our world’s water sources? The United Nations (UN) has estimated that the amount of wastewater produced annually is about six times more water than exists in all the rivers of the world. Bodies of water known as “dead zones” are increasing in vast amounts. The water becomes a “dead zone” because of the sewage that builds up over time and results in clouding water, blocking sunlight, and thus nurturing algae blooms.

How We’re Doing Our Part

We, here at GSM Industrial, are not only willing to help this industry by manufacturing wastewater treatment equipment, but are just as concerned as the sewage treatment plants that are trying to save our waters. Large bodies of water within our regions are being affected. For example, The Chesapeake Bay, America’s largest estuary only got a recent grade of “C” on its health card, according to the University of Maryland researchers.

Manufacturing & Fabrication For The Wastewater Industry

By working with waste water engineers and equipment suppliers to design, detail and fabricate, it allows us to do our part by taking equipment designs and modifying them for manufacturability to suit the needs of the customer. For example, we have the ability to make one at a time or a dozen pieces of equipment for various companies within this industry such as industrial water plants to municipal water treatment plants and so on.

Types of Wastewater Treatment Equipment We’re Fabricating

From tanks, to classifiers, thermo blenders, custom ASME vessels, slurry tanks, pipe assemblies, as well as other steel structures and equipment items – we are proud to be part of this team helping to preserve and allow water to be reused, so that we can continue to reap its necessary benefits.

Because our manufacturing and fabrication capabilities are so vast, it allows us to do a variety of work needed, contributing as a whole, rather than just a portion. Our social consciousness is being tested, but we’re on board and ready to help the wastewater industry and companies within it to reach a common goal of plentiful water reuse.

We’re Ready To Help

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